Diga-Talk+ 9751 Portable Push-To-Talk Radio is Now Available on FirstNet®, Delivering Reliable Communications Solutions for Public Safety

JOLIET, Ill., May 18, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — A Beep/Diga-Talk+ today announced that its DTP-9751 portable radio is available for use on FirstNet®. The DTP-9751 is a dedicated Push-to-Talk over Cellular (PoC) device for FirstNet extended primary users.

FirstNet, Built with AT&T, is a public-private partnership with the First Responder Network Authority (FirstNet Authority) – an independent agency within the federal government. It’s designed with and for first responders and the public safety agencies and extended community that could be called on to support them. This includes companies that perform mitigation, remediation, overhaul, clean-up and restoration and provisioning services required in an emergency or its aftermath.

The DTP-9751, now FirstNet Ready™, supports access to the physically separate and dedicated FirstNet network core, and the Band 14 spectrum. FirstNet eligible customers can feel confident the DTP-9751 combined with FirstNet services will provide the necessary critical connectivity in a reliable, highly secure and cost-effective manner.

As part of the agreement through the FirstNet Embedded IoT Program – a program that allows for industry leading FirstNet Ready™ devices to be combined with FirstNet service to create a bundled, end-to-end solution for a single monthly fee for first responders, public safety agencies and extended community – A Beep/Diga-Talk+‘s embedded offering will include the DTP-9751 and FirstNet connectivity.

FirstNet embedded solutions go through extensive review, so first responders can be confident that A Beep/Diga-Talk+‘s DTP-9751 meets the highest standards for reliability, security and performance.

“Our Company is extremely excited that our Diga-Talk+ DTP-9751 radio has been approved for use on FirstNet,” said Frank Anderson, CEO of A Beep LLC. “This is one of the first affordable devices that looks, feels and operates like the 2-way radios Public Safety users have been depending on for decades. This familiar and easy-to-operate device can now have service on FirstNet”.

Diga-Talk+ is offering one of the only dedicated PTT devices for FirstNet extended primary users. It has the same standard two-way radio design that users are accustomed to. With the push of a button, instant connection is possible for emergency communication.

Stay in Touch with the push of a button. Diga-Talk+ offers competitive two-way digital communications devices with nationwide coverage and that are ready for use on FirstNet. Diga-Talk+ is the largest privately-owned PTT provider in the US. Diga-Talk+ offers quality products and has provided outstanding personal customer service for over 24 years. Diga-Talk+ radios are ideal for communicating with users within a building as well as a mobile workforce at locations throughout the US.

“We’re pleased to welcome Diga-Talk+ as a member of our FirstNet IoT Embedded Program,” said Scott Agnew, assistant vice president, product marketing, FirstNet Program at AT&T. “This allows us to further our mission to deploy, operate, maintain, and enhance the only nationwide wireless platform dedicated to public safety and the extended community that support public safety response.”

The DTP-9751 Portable PoC radio has a rugged design and full color display. The DTP-9751 supports one-to-one or one-to-all calls, call audio playback, an emergency SOS button, and over the air software and programming updates.

Available options include:
-GPS tracking which allows you to track where you employees are located 
-PC Dispatch Software provides you complete control of your mobile workforce that lets you to communicate and monitor individual or team activities as well as receive emergency SOS notifications
-iOS and Android applications allows users to communicate with Diga-Talk+ Push-To-Talk radios by using their smart devices.

“I am very pleased with the service that your company has provided us”, said Collin McCormick. Assistant Director of Transportation School Districts 47 and 155, Crystal Lake Illinois who has 146 units installed in buses with 6 dispatch positions in the office. “I know that I have some pretty high expectations and your team has done a remarkable job of offering up solutions. I have always spoken highly of your service and every time I meet with my colleagues, I tell them how amazing the radios are. Most of my drivers still cannot believe that they can hear each other when they drive into the city. The network has met my expectations and your customer service continues to go beyond my expectations.”

To learn more about the Diga-Talk+ 9751 Portable Push-To-Talk Radio DTP-9751, go to www.digatalkplus.com/products/FirstNet. For more on FirstNet, check out FirstNet.com.

FirstNet and the FirstNet logo are registered trademarks of the First Responder Network Authority.  All other marks are the property of their respective owners.

Across the Street, Across the Country, Diga-Talk+ has you covered! Largest Privately owned Push-To-Talk provider in the US, serving the communications industry for over 24 years.

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