Digital Multimeter Sale for a Variety of LCR-Reader and Smart Tweezers Models

WATERLOO, ON, Oct. 1, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — To celebrate fall, Siborg Systems Inc. is offering up to 30% off on their electronic testing tools in the Online LCR-Reader Store and on Amazon sales channels in North America and Europe. The sale includes their LCR-Reader and Smart Tweezers multimeter devices, featuring the new Bluetooth enabled LCR-Reader-MPA model. The sale will begin October 1-st, 2020 and will end October 30-th at 11:59 EST.

Siborg has been offering test equipment for Surface Mount Technology since the early 2000’s when they initiated Smart Tweezers multimeter project. Since then, Siborg has created a new line of tweezer-based multimeters, starting the LCR-Reader  budget-friendly devices in 2013. The LCR-Reader followed the tried-and-true design of a powerful multimeter combined with a set of sharp gold-plated tweezers as probes. The devices can determine the type of component when it is in contact with the probes; the multimeter will also determine the best test parameters to use when measuring with the best possible accuracy.

Budget-friendly LCR-Reader lacks some features; the device can test with a 0.5% basic accuracy, but only allows users to change to measure LCR and ESR.

Siborg’s online sale will include these popular devices, as well as their other test equipment

  • The original budget friendly LCR-Reader; 0.5% basic accuracy, LCR-ESR measurement
  • LCR-Reader-MPA; 0.1% basic accuracy, LCR/ESR, LED, Voltage/Current, Oscilloscope, etc
  • Smart Tweezers ST5S and ST5S-BT; 0.2% basic accuracy, LCR/ESR, Diode
  • LCR-Reader-CT; recently released Ring Coil Tester
  • LCR-Reader Kelvin Probe; two-wire connector for LCR-Reader and Smart Tweezers

Since the initial offering of Smart Tweezers in the early 2000’s Siborg has put a major effort into developing new test tools. The first product in the new line was a budget friendly LCR-Reader in 2013 and then expanded to include the LCR-Reader-MP in 2018 and LCR-Reader-MPA in 2019 devices. These offer an unrivalled selection of functions, the widest possible measurement ranges and highest available accuracy at 0.1%, outperforming Smart Tweezers. Features include 100 kHz test signal frequency, super cap testing, oscilloscope, AC/DC voltage/current measurements, easy short/open calibration, frequency meter, signal generator mode and more.

The recently released LCR-Reader-MPA BT offers Bluetooth measurement recording and the ability to quickly test components using pre-set test conditions. The device connects to the LCR-MPA-BT Logger program for PC and Android. The main feature of the program is the custom component test profiles and automatic pass/fail granting. Users set specific values that component must meet; when tested, the program will determine if the component meets these standards and grants a pass/fail status. The program reflects this status by changing the display color to red if failed, as well as marking the values green(pass) or red (fail) in the recorded data.

There are 2 kinds of custom test profiles: Single Component Test and Multiple Component Test. Single Component Test is used when the same component type is being repeatedly tested. Multiple Component Test is best when testing full PCBs and users need to record various types of components. All data can be exported to spreadsheets for later analysis.

Siborg’s sale will begin on October 1st, 2020 and will run until October 30st at 11:59 EST. Customers can make a purchase online through the LCR-Reader Online Store or through Siborg’s Amazon sales channels in USACanada and Europe.

Contact: Siborg Systems Inc, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, Tel 519-888-9907, Toll Free 877-623-7576, Fax 519-725-9522, E-mail

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