Disrupting Crypto Derivatives with Advanced Analytics Platform: Empowering Traders Through AI

TORONTO, Nov. 22, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — InvestDEFY, a leader in crypto derivative and predictive analytics, is thrilled to announce the launch of its institutional-grade analytics platform, designed to provide Bitcoin and Ethereum derivatives traders with unparalleled actionable intelligence. This platform is a game-changer, as it goes beyond mere exchange data to inform traders through curated composite analytics.

“At InvestDEFY, our core mission is to enhance trader performance leveraging the power of artificial intelligence,” stated James Niosi, CEO of InvestDEFY. “Our new analytics platform embodies this mission, by transforming the way traders ingest market data, providing them with a unique market perspective to make informed and strategic decisions.”

At launch, the platform boasts four curated dashboards, each providing comprehensive insights into long/short price movements, volatility, as well as futures and spreads such as basis, rolls and funding. For traders seeking a more tailored experience, InvestDEFY offers the flexibility to create custom dashboards, ensuring every user can access and download specific data they need in the format that suits them best.

“InvestDEFY’s analytics platform is not just about presenting raw market data leading to analysis paralysis; it’s about presenting comprehensive analytics in a thoughtful and relevant manner that informs and provides meaningful insight,” added Dr. Ash Dehghan, VP of AI and Predictive Analytics at InvestDEFY. “Our dashboards are designed to deliver research, inform model design and enhance risk management, ultimately providing traders with actionable insights that fuel performance.”

In addition to its innovative dashboards, InvestDEFY’s platform provides versatile data access options, allowing users to download data in CSV, connect via API, or engage directly with the visual dashboard. This flexibility ensures that traders can interact with their data in the way that best suits their workflow and preferences.

Looking ahead, InvestDEFY is committed to continual innovation and enhancement of the platform. With an exciting roadmap ahead, future releases will introduce additional curated dashboards, predictive analytics and tools tailored to various trade expressions, as well as advanced features such as an options pricing engine, term structure analysis, and proprietary volatility surface mapping.

“Today marks a major milestone for InvestDEFY and the trading community at large,” concluded James Niosi. “We are proud to introduce a proven analytics platform that has been battle-tested with institutional partners since early 2022 and not only meets the current needs of crypto derivatives traders but also paves the way for the future of intelligent, data-driven trading.”

To learn more about InvestDEFY, go to: www.investdefy.com

About InvestDEFY
InvestDEFY’s proven AI analytics and interactive development platform delivers actionable insights that fuel performance. Designed by seasoned TradFi derivative traders. Built by Crypto veterans, data scientists and engineers.

To learn more about InvestDEFY, go to: www.investdefy.com

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James Niosi, CEO