DVE Debuts World’s First HDR Holographic Meetings for Co-Working Locations

IRVINE, Calif., May 18, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — DVEholographics announced today a new hologram meeting experience requiring no dedicated production studios and no projectors to create HDR “High Dynamic Range” hologram images of people while conferencing.   As a result, cost savings are significant and exponential growth is achievable. “For many years we had dedicated studio rooms at shared office working sites and it was a frustration for speakers to book and visit the locations. What we needed was a way to empower users familiar with videoconferencing apps to instantly call in from home and remote offices and be seen as live holograms at our co-working partner sites around the world. Now the possibilities to connect people in stunning and new productive ways is a reality,” stated Steve McNelley, CEO of DVEholographics. Hundreds of millions of people with video apps can rapidly produce themselves as holograms using Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Webex, and DVE’s 4K video service and appear at co-working meeting rooms and event spaces equipped with DVE’s holographic displays.  

DVE also revealed for co-working spaces a new generation experience based on DVE’s HDR transparent direct view displays, eliminating the need for projectors.  McNelley continued, “For many years we have licensed our Light Mesh projection hologram videoconferencing system to clients around the globe. Yet, we knew our clients wanted brighter, more compact, mobile, and thin display systems. In response, we have been issued extensive landmark patents in transparent direct view displays. Now see-through tiny pixels of emitted light enable stunningly bright and clear 3D appearing images of people transported into the room. Glasses-free augmented reality communication is now a reality. Anyone from their home or office can transmit live during a video call their images and appear as a hologram at any one of the potential 25,000+ global co-working locations.” 

The transparent direct view displays are integral to DVE’s DV (Direct View) Holo-Podiums. The podiums are ideal for co-working locations since they can be instantly rolled into offices, meeting rooms, and event spaces with almost no set-up involved. Gone are the days of bulky projection hologram housings, darkly draped theatrical backgrounds, dimmed room lights, and poor images.  HDR transparent displays were invented with the highest design objectives of elegance and efficiency, keeping in mind that every square foot of co-working space is vital to the bottom line. The DV Holo-Podium when not used for meetings and events serves as an interactive holographic virtual concierge.

DVE is highly focused on the large opportunity for co-working partners to leverage DVE Holo-Podiums and other DVE experiences for the benefit of the growing virtual work force.  These new experiences empower co-working spaces to attract new customers and increase their customers’ productivity with new communication and collaboration tools.

Appointments are now being booked at DVE’s co-working site and demo facility in Newport Beach, California.

DVE has the largest patent base in the world in glasses-free augmented reality videoconferencing, telepresence, and broadcasting. DVE is a think tank, design, engineering, and creative studio, producing ingeniously designed holographic environments and displays for clients around the globe. DVE’s patented HDR holography is being deployed at global live events, concerts, event venues, and movie theaters powered by DVE’s communications network and creative production studios.

Contact: Digital Video Enterprises, Inc. Andrew Vivanco, Director, Public Relations 949-347-9166

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