Echo360 Unveils Artificial Intelligence Innovation at Educause 2023 Assist enhances recently launched EchoPoll with A.I. technology that saves time for instructors and increases engagement for learners worldwide.

NEW YORK, Oct. 9, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Echo360, the leading provider of comprehensive, global, SaaS solutions for the creation, delivery, and assessment of learning engagement outcomes across diverse educational settings, is launching revolutionary artificial intelligence technology for its EchoPoll SaaS platform. This groundbreaking innovation will significantly increase the efficiency of formative polling creation, elevate learner engagement, and preserve the integrity of the instructor’s content.

Echo360 is unveiling Assist at Educause 2023, North America’s largest conference of higher education administrators and instructors, who will get a first look at the technology both on the exhibit hall floor and also at a company hosted AI-themed reception and panel discussion at the University of Illinois-Chicago, a longtime Echo360 customer.  

“What makes Assist different from other applications of generative AI is that it builds upon the instructor’s trusted content to create real-time interactive polling, questions, and learning engagement,” said Kathryn Stewart, Echo360’s Chief Product Officer.  “Many machine learning applications replace or deliver generic subject matter content from alternative sources — Assist was designed to elevate, not denigrate, the instructing and learning experience.” 

Echo360 has been developing AI applications on pace with the rapid advancements and rise in popularity of the technology. Its first application of Assist augments EchoPoll, a next-generation enterprise SaaS educational polling platform launched six months ago.  The company has plans to expand to its entire Echosystem of inspired learning solutions including EchoVideo, EchoAuthor, and the recently launched EchoExam summative assessment SaaS platform. 

“For more than 20 years Echo360 has been a pioneer in EdTech innovation to enrich education and learning outcomes, from the first video lecture capture and audience response, and engagement platforms up to today with the launch of Assist,” said Murad Velani, Echo360 President and CEO. “The role and impact of AI in higher education is top of mind for our administrators, instructors, and learners, and the collaborative approach we’ve taken to develop ensures their needs are met by maintaining the integrity and trusted source of course content, saving time for instructors, and improving upon the learning experience.” 

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