Eight of the Top Ten Hotel Operators Worldwide Chose ZeroOutages’ Global Satellite Internet with Integrated SD-WAN – a Complete and Secure Worldwide Connectivity Solution

LOS ANGELES, Nov. 14, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Leading global hotel operators, including the Four Seasons, have chosen ZeroOutages’ patented SD-WAN technology ensuring “ZeroOutages” for their upscale and demanding clientele.

ZeroOutages, now available for deployment in most countries worldwide, is redefining global connectivity with its Satellite Internet integrated with its award-winning SD-WAN providing secure and reliable worldwide connectivity to all highly demanding industries ranging from hospital groups to international hotel chains, and far beyond.

“From nationally recognized hospital networks like Hoag Health Network, requiring mission-critical, HIPAA-compliant telemedicine applications, to world-renowned international hotel chains such as the Four Seasons, our zero-downtime, Satellite Internet solution is redefining how organizations across all business sectors connect securely on a global scale,” said ZeroOutages VP of Business Development, Daren French.

ZeroOutages Key Features for all industries:

  1. Universal Connectivity:
    • Bridges the digital divide across all industries and geographies.
  2. Secure and Resilient Networking:
    • Ensures data integrity and availability.
  3. Scalable and Adaptive:
    • Easily accommodates growth and evolving demands.
    • Optimizes workloads and mitigates network disruptions.
  4. Enhanced Security:
    • Incorporates private nodes, enhancing network security by enabling the monitoring of internal applications not accessible via public internet and intranet portals.

“As any hospitality operator will tell you, keeping their guests connected to the Internet has become a significant part of the services they deliver, and nowhere might that be more important than at the Four Seasons,” said French. “With ZeroOutages, our hospitality customers are guaranteed the best possible SD-WAN connectivity for their guests, with scalable bandwidth options and the ability to monitor their SLA’s in real-time. ZeroOutages keeps hospitality guests happy and delivers high marks on satisfaction surveys.”

ZeroOutages’ internet connectivity solutions are available in most countries around the globe and empower businesses of all sizes and industries to navigate the complexities of global connectivity with confidence and security.

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About ZeroOutages.com:
ZeroOutages.com is a trailblazing provider of SD-WAN network connectivity and security solutions, renowned for its unwavering commitment to innovation, reliability, and security. Our Global Satellite Internet with Integrated SD-WAN solution transcends industry boundaries, ensuring businesses worldwide can connect securely and seamlessly.

Daren French, VP, Business Development


SOURCE ZeroOutages