Ekta Secures $60m Investment Commitment in Crypto Bear Market

BALI, Indonesia, June 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Ekta, one of the first Layer-1 blockchain companies that bridges real world physical and tangible assets to blockchain has secured $60m in an investment commitment despite a downturn in the market. With this investment commitment from GEM Digital Limited (GEM), Ekta is set to continue building its ecosystem of platforms and products that connect real world utility and value to end users.

Ekta started in 2021 in the midst of COVID as a response to the economic crisis stemming from the global pandemic. Headquartered in Bali, Indonesia, the founding team saw an opportunity to decentralize real world assets through blockchain technology and offer streamlined access to displaced communities, especially in Ekta’s home region of Southeast Asia.

"We’re honored to have GEM in the Ekta family as we share a similar vision of how blockchain technology must evolve to truly make an impact on the lives of everyday people," said Berwin Tanco, Ekta Founder and CEO. "While 10% of people on the internet hold crypto, we aim at onboarding the next 10% by building true utility and value for them."

Since its start, Ekta has been building an ecosystem of platforms and products, including a self-developed NFT marketplace (Ekta NFT Marketplace), a hybrid exchange (HYBEX), and NFTs backed by real world utility with the mission of improving lives and communities.

Ekta NFT Marketplace

While the NFT space exploded in 2021, the market has seen a correction due to lack of true utility for many projects. Ekta’s vision for its NFT marketplace is to connect real-world assets such as property, precious metals, music, media, and art on its platform.

Ekta Island

Ekta Island is a prime example of Ekta’s vision of asset-backed NFTs. Based on a company owned island just 20 minutes from Bali named Gili Gede, Ekta Island consists of 16 hectares of land, 46 hectares of ocean in its bay, and 1 of 20 marina licenses issued in Indonesia. Through NFTs, the Ekta team is developing the island as the world’s first blockchain-fueled physical space and offering fractional investment opportunities and access to Web3 for everyday people.

Ekta Portal

As the world’s first endpoint node that rewards operators with crypto, Ekta Portal is another product through which Ekta is bridging the real world with blockchain. By activating the device via an Ekta Portal NFT, operators can start earning from a daily rewards pool of 10,000 $EKTA. The rewards are divided by the number of active operators, meaning that the sooner you own one, the more you’ll earn. Owning an Ekta Portal NFT auto whitelists holders for all of Ekta’s NFT offerings including Ekta Island and MetaTrees.


MetaTrees is a blockchain game world where players can earn crypto while also playing an active role in preserving real-world natural resources. In addition to gripping lore and stunning artwork, MetaTrees also incentivizes reforestation initiatives, both on Ekta Island and in partnership with environmental organizations.

The commitment of new capital from GEM is a vote of confidence in Ekta’s vision of how blockchain technology must tie back to real world assets in order to evolve. Ekta will use the new funding to continue building Ekta’s technical teams and resources, and further develop the Ekta NFT Marketplace, NFT collections, and hybrid exchange.

To learn more about Ekta, visit its website at https://ekta.io.

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About Ekta: Founded in 2021, Ekta is a blockchain that builds infrastructure for connecting blockchain with the physical world. It focuses on integrating traditional industries and businesses as well as physical assets so that the utility and value of blockchain can be universally accepted through true utility in daily life. Ekta is in Bali, Indonesia. Its blockchain solutions include a hybrid exchange (HYBEX), decentralized finance (DeFi), NFT marketplaces, and tokenization of real world assets. To learn more, please visit https://ekta.io.

About GEM Digital Limited :

GEM Digital Limited is a digital asset investment firm. Based in The Bahamas, the firm actively sources, structures and invests in utility tokens listed on over 30 CEXs and DEXs globally.

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