Emtrain Workplace Culture Report Reveals Key Causes of Diversity and Inclusion Failures in Companies

SAN FRANCISCO, May 12, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Less than half of all employees feel like they can be their authentic selves at work, which shows companies have some work to do. That’s according to findings released today by Emtrain, which delivers workplace culture analytics through its online training to prevent bias, discrimination and harassment in the workplace while increasing ethics, respect, diversity and inclusion.

In the newly-released 2021 Workplace Culture Report on Inclusion, Emtrain collected sentiment data from more than 83,000 employees at nearly 100 companies, and identified six inclusion indicators that show businesses how they’re tracking towards diverse and inclusive outcomes. 

“The world has changed. It is no longer an option to expect people to intuitively understand inclusion,” said Emtrain President Odessa Jenkins. “Inclusion is a skill that requires development, practice and measurement. For all the investments in Diversity and Inclusion, few companies are making progress. And that lack of progress is noticed by employees.”

Some key findings from the 2021 Workplace Culture Report on Inclusion:

  • Only half of all employees believe their organization has a genuine commitment to inclusion.
  • Just 43% of employees say they can consistently be their authentic selves at work.
  • Only 33% of people say their company leaders work hard to create a sense of belonging.

“These numbers shouldn’t demotivate anyone; they’re a starting point,” said Emtrain CEO Janine Yancey. “Few companies have approached Inclusion as a competency with skills to learn and master. Emtrain is just starting that work with Inclusion clients, and we’re confident those scores will increase next year based on our clients’ results in other competencies.”

“When it comes to diversity and inclusion, you can’t fix what you don’t measure,” Jenkins said. “To get a true picture of how they are faring when it comes to inclusion, companies have to go beyond simply counting how many ‘diverse people’ they’ve hired, retained or promoted. Those are all lagging indicators of an outcome and would be insufficient for any other business function that provides visibility into early indicators, as well as actuals. We have uncovered six Inclusion Indicators reflecting behaviors that are invisible to executive leaders, and which are not measured, tracked, or reported to the C-Suite or the Board. By measuring and tracking these indicators, we make the invisible visible.”

The six Inclusion Indicators outlined in the Emtrain report are:

  • Decision Making: Does your company have an intentional system for making decisions?
  • Valuing Differences: How good are you at appreciating and leveraging different experiences and skills?
  • Allyship: Do company leaders use their privilege to make a difference?
  • Demographic Experience: How often do your employees have direct experiences with people from different demographics?
  • Curiosity & Empathy: Can your employees turn their assumptions into questions and switch their perspectives?
  • Authenticity & Belonging: Can all of your employees bring their whole selves to work?

“Just like organizations saw a huge spike in harassment claims due to #MeToo, I believe organizations will start to see a spike in Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) claims as employees push for more equity and inclusion,” Yancey said. “Executives must drive diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging as strategic business initiatives in order to protect the corporate brand, attract and retain top talent, reduce employee conflict, and meet the needs of a diverse market.”

About Emtrain
Emtrain’s workplace culture platform measures and tracks the social indicators of respect, inclusion and ethics as your employees take relevant, engaging compliance training courses, and provide their sentiment to drive individual and organizational behavior change. Emtrain.ai allows you to benchmark your culture against our global community to identify issues before they become toxic problems that become compliance issues and destroy culture. Emtrain partners with industry experts and uses current events to teach on topics such as sexual harassment, unconscious bias, diversity, equity, inclusion and ethics. Emtrain’s innovative platform is used by more than 600 companies, such as Bed Bath & Beyond, Genentech, Chevron, Buzzfeed, Indeed, Degreed, Medallia, Nerdwallet and others. Recognized by Fast Company on the “World Changing Ideas 2020” list, and named one of the 250 fastest-growing companies in California by Inc. Magazine, Emtrain is a woman-owned and women-led company. Please visit https://emtrain.com.

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