Enteligent’s NMax Rapid Shutdown Device with Optimization Receives SunSpec Certification

MORGAN HILL, Calif., Nov. 9, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Enteligent, a technology company dedicated to developing products for the renewable energy industry, announced today that its new combined rapid shutdown and optimization device – Enteligent NMax RSD with Optimization – has achieved certification from the SunSpec Alliance for panel-level rapid shutdown.

"As a new entrant in the solar MLPE space, it was essential for us to show that our devices aren’t cutting corners or making sacrifices in safety or design to achieve our higher performance levels," said Sean Burke, CEO of Enteligent. "We didn’t just design and build a better mousetrap, we reimagined the mousetrap entirely from the ground up. There are other RSD devices that have achieved SunSpec RSD Certification, but the Enteligent NMax RSD is the only one that also provides optimization as a standard feature, and that is a distinct value add for installers and homeowners."

Microprocessor controlled,  Enteligent’s NMax technology intelligently provides panel-level power optimization only when necessary.  It delivers the greatest amount of electricity to the inverter, whether shade or no shade, at a price competitive  to other  products which provide only rapid shutdown. Installers can now get the most solar panel output for their customers, without sacrificing cost. Installation is also simple with plug and play SunSpec™ RSD Certified interoperability.  

Enteligent’s solar energy products improve PV system and component operating efficiencies to increase power generation, improve reliability, and enhance energy independence. In addition to SunSpec certification, the Enteligent NMax M900A1 also achieved UL 1741 and FCC Class B certifications.  The M900A1 is a single-input MPLE device, can support input of up to 900W of residential and commercial PV modules, is the highest efficiency device in the industry, and provides a unique health condition monitoring self-diagnostic. 

"For decades, solar installers have had to make compromises and settle for MLPE products that perform within their narrow confines," said Burke. "We founded Enteligent specifically to leverage our decades of experience in the computing and electronics industry to solve the gaps in the existing solar equipment space. We believe that better components are possible and can actually increase adoption of solar across the country. The certification of the Enteligent NMax M900A1 shows that installers and homeowners alike can trust that Enteligent’s products can be an essential and trusted component in their rooftop solar installations"

The Enteligent NMax M900A1 is available for purchase on Enteligent’s website, and will be followed shortly by the M900A2, a dual-input version.  Enteligent’s SolarFirst Hybrid DC Bi-Directional  Fast EV Charger is expected to ship in mid 2022.

ABOUT ENTELIGENT: Dedicated to maximizing the output of solar rooftop systems, Enteligent’s products minimize the conversion losses and other inefficiencies that lead to loss of up to 25 percent of solar rooftop electrical generation.  Our innovative SolarUp RSD modules are the highest performing, most reliable and safest Module Level Power Electronics (MLPE) solution available in the market, while providing additional PV panel power optimization at a cost comparable to RSD-only solutions currently available.  By harnessing more solar electricity for homeowners, we lower its effective cost, shorten its payback period and accelerate its adoption for those still on the fence.  Learn more at www.enteligent.com 

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