Eon and UCHealth Execute Health-Tech Implementation to Push Boundaries

DENVER, Oct. 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Health-tech leader Eon has partnered with UCHealth to complete an implementation of the Eon Patient Management (EPM) platform that not only helps the Aurora, Colo.-based health system track potentially dangerous abnormalities in more patients, but improves the flow of electronic information among providers and patients.

“There are hundreds of EPM implementations throughout the United States and every one of them has the potential to save many lives. With this one, we showed that actionable information can reach providers and patients faster and with less busywork for hospital staff,” said Nathan Boehlke, Eon’s Director of Customer Success.

“Our goal with innovation and information technology at UCHealth is to fundamentally transform the way we deliver care,” said Steve Hess, UCHealth’s chief information officer. “In many cases, that is accomplished by bringing actionable intelligence to the providers, clinical teams and patients in their natural workflows. The Eon and UCHealth teams did just that by integrating the EPM solution with the UCHealth electronic health record and patient portal.”

UCHealth’s version of EPM is the first to use a communication standard called FHIR (“fire”) that stems from a 2016 federal law aimed at eliminating information blocking among different electronic systems in healthcare. Thanks to the new standard, UCHealth can now automate many kinds of patient and provider communications, such as reminders to check on a potentially hazardous abnormality that was caught in a radiological image.

“This gives time back to the clinical team to focus on the high-level work they trained for rather than manually entering data,” Boehlke said.

In addition to the EPM implementation, several UCHealth hospitals are using Eon’s Care Management service to track incidentally found lung nodules due to the challenges of hiring an on-site care navigator. Research shows that the earlier a lung nodule is detected, the better the potential outcome is for the patient.

“When you initiate an incidental program it’s not uncommon to be flooded with 100 new reports daily, and a lot of effort has to go into reading and interpreting the findings. With Care Management, the hospital team can focus on clinical work while we take the clerical tasks,” Boehlke said.

About Eon

Eon is a health data science company that utilizes computational linguistics and care management to track incidental and actionable findings across a variety of medical disciplines throughout the course of a patient’s health journey. Eon exists to ensure the right data reaches the right people at the right time to make patients healthier and health care affordable.

About UCHealth

UCHealth is an innovative, nonprofit health system that delivers the highest quality medical care with an excellent patient experience. UCHealth includes over 28,000 employees, 12 acute-care full-service hospitals and hundreds of physicians across Colorado, southern Wyoming and western Nebraska. With University of Colorado Hospital on the CU Anschutz Medical Campus as its academic anchor and the only adult academic medical center in the region, UCHealth is dedicated to providing unmatched patient care in the Rocky Mountain West. Offering more than 150 clinic locations, UCHealth pushes the boundaries of medicine, providing advanced treatments and clinical trials and improving health through innovation.

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Anne Stukenberg