EPIC – the First Intelligent External Ingress

SAN FRANCISCO, March 31, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Acnodal announces the availability of EPIC, the world’s first Intelligent External Ingress.  Ingresses implement the logic required to construct web and mobile applications using containers, CDNs and other resources.  EPIC creates and manages fleets of Ingresses with unmatched functionality, visibility and programmability.

“We started our journey to bring Hyperscale Ingresses to everyone by enabling the public cloud kubernetes devops experience in hybrid and multi-cloud,” said Adam Dunstan, co-founder of Acnodal.  “Ingresses are the foundation of application construction, the demands of scale, edge optimization, localization, personalization and data sovereignty demand a next generation easy to implement and manage, cloud native platform.”

EPIC makes it easy to deploy applications among kubernetes clusters distributed over public and private clouds, while retaining the functionality of an in-cluster Ingress.   It manages the application Ingress lifecycle of creation, address allocation, certificate management and ongoing operation including dynamic scaling. EPIC can construct applications that include other resources such as CDN and components hosted on legacy systems.  When complex request routing is required to manage a highly distributed edge application or to maintain data sovereignty, EPIC’s Ingresses, based upon Envoy, provide an unparalleled level of programmability and visibility.

EPIC builds upon the functionality of PureLB, the open source Service Load Balancer for kubernetes, enabling the migration from simple, single cluster applications to complex, scalable and secure distributed applications.  The EPIC Intelligent Ingress cluster is multi-tenant and available for installation on customer provided infrastructure or Ingress On-Demand Infrastructure-as-a-Service from Acnodal during 2021.

About Acnodal, Inc.

Acnodal is a new type of network infrastructure company, we focus on deep integration necessary to successfully implement Cloud Native Infrastructure.   Acnodal, Inc. is a private company founded in 2020 by experts in large scale infrastructure development and deployment.

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