ExpandAP Launches the First-Ever Accounts Payable Automation App Built Natively on the Salesforce Platform

The exclusive Salesforce-compatible app leverages artificial intelligence to provide 99.9% AP accuracy to small-to-midsize and enterprise businesses

DALLAS, June 18, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — ExpandAP today announced the launch of a first-of-its-kind artificial intelligence-powered expense, accounts payable (AP) and corporate credit card automation application built natively on the Salesforce platform. ExpandAP provides 99.9% AP accuracy to small-to-midsize and enterprise businesses through its real-time view of spending and ROI tracking, ability to free team members to do critical thinking while it handles repetitive admin accounting tasks and outbound, direct bank payments from within Salesforce.

ExpandAP was built from Paul Wnek’s decades of experience in Salesforce implementation in which he witnessed accounting departments’ pain points first-hand and amassed an understanding of the strengths and limitations of existing AP technologies.

“Salesforce embodies comprehensive capabilities across sales, customer service and marketing, yet many companies struggle with expense management,” said Paul Wnek, founder and CEO of ExpandAP. “Often financial decision-makers resort to off-platform solutions or time-consuming manual methods, resulting in disjointed workflows, data silos and inefficiencies that hinder holistic business operations.”

ExpandAP enables finance and accounting teams to automate expense and AP by uploading documentation within the Salesforce app or sharing to an internal company’s domain. The platform uses AI to categorize and trigger a defined set of actions, relieving finance and accounting teams from manual expense and AP tasks.

“ExpandAP is the only automation solution that makes fintech implementation seamless, and scalability unfettered,” added Wnek. “The beauty of an expense automation tool is that it reclaims hours of manual entry – along with potentially costly human errors – for more critical thinking assignments.”

The challenges Wnek witnessed in expense management and accounts payable across industry sectors led him to help more businesses solve these issues. Companies with anywhere from 250-10,000+ employees are now tapping his expertise and deploying software innovations such as ExpandAP.

For more information about ExpandAP and to book a demo, visit expandap.com.

About ExpandAP
ExpandAP launched in 2024 to unlock the human potential of finance teams and empower businesses to automate accounts payable and expense functions directly within the Salesforce platform. The company’s AI-powered, 100% Salesforce-native expense automation solution ensures seamless integration into the Salesforce ecosystem, eliminating the need for disjointed systems or manual workarounds. For more information, visit expandap.com. 

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