Fair and Economical Redistricting through Mathematical Optimization Now Possible

RESTON, Va., Aug. 10, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Encore Data and Optimization Direct announced today that due to advances in software technology, political redistricting can now be completed quickly, fairly and economically through mathematical optimization.

Optimization is a mathematical methodology that achieves the best possible solution for a problem with multiple parameters.  Until now, optimization has not been a feasible redistricting method, as no viable software or modeling solution existed that was able to properly analyze hundreds of millions of potential redistricting plans to come up with a single ideal result. Optimization Direct’s ODH 6.0.3 software and advanced modeling techniques have made completely fair redistricting possible.

A state can now create compact and contiguous districts of equal population that comply with all Federal laws and can do so more quickly and at a much lower cost than was previously thought possible.  "We are thrilled that we are able to provide mathematical optimization techniques to the process of redistricting," said Ann Stephens of Encore Data.  "At a time when many Americans question the fairness of elections, it’s great to be able to take politics out of the equation."

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About Optimization Direct

Optimization Direct Inc.is a mathematical optimization firm co-founded by Alkis Vazacopoulos and Robert Ashford, who are pioneers in the field.

About Encore Data

Encore Data founded by Ann Stephens, is a technology consulting firm based in Reston, Virginia. www.encore-data.com

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