Filestack Offers Free Online Conference: How to Scale Any Application or Website

HOUSTON, Feb. 1, 2023 /PRNewswire/ —

What’s the online conference about?

On February 22, 2023, from 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Central Time (CT), we will host an online conference for developers of all kinds. Titled Nerd Up: Scale Up,” the event will focus on the best ways we can scale desktop, mobile, and web applications as well as websites.

Who will be speaking at the Nerd Up: Scale Up online conference?

Adrian Twarog

  • A YouTuber, developer, designer, and entrepreneur, Adrian has created products that are helpful for developers. These include a book about design and an AI tool for generating images, marketing copy, articles, and more. At the conference, Adrian will be talking about AI’s role in the scalability of applications and websites.
  • Topic: OpenAI: Creating Chatbot Applications

Giorgo Boa

  • A full-stack developer at Claranet Italia and author of the VsCode Jira plugin, Giorgo will discuss Quik in the upcoming conference. Qwik is a development framework for improving the performance of applications, which is handy for those looking for scalable technologies.
  • Topic: A Qwik Integration to File Management

Chris Bongers

  • Chris Bongers, web team lead of, will explain the basics of microservices architecture, an architectural pattern that consists of loosely coupled, independently deployable, and highly maintainable and testable set of services. Chris will also discuss how microservices architecture helps improve scalability.
  • Topic: Designing for Scale: Optimizing Microservices

Ian Lotinsky

  • The VP of Product, Engineering, and Design at Image Learning (IL), Ian has broad experience in B2C, B2B, EdTech, and B2NGO. At the conference, Ian will showcase IL Classroom, a popular and successful digital-first curriculum for educators.
  • Topic: IL Classroom and Filestack: Powering LMS

Gil Fink

  • The CEO of sparXys as well as a web development expert and Google Developer Expert (GDE), Gil will give an informative presentation about design systems and how they relate to web development and component libraries.
  • Topic: A Design System Story

Patty O’Callaghan

  • Patty, tech lead at Charles River Laboratories, Google’s Women Techmakers ambassador, and Google Developer Groups organizer in Glasgow, will explain how we can use AI to improve existing systems.
  • Topic: Using AI To Improve Existing Systems

Ready to Nerd Up and Scale Up?

Registration has already started! To save your seat for the free online conference, click here. We’re looking forward to seeing you there! The event is sponsored by Filestack.

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