FLOKI Now Listed On Europe’s Leading Neobank Revolut

Europe’s Leading Fintech Platform Allows 40 Million Users Access to Emerging Cryptocurrency

LONDON, April 23, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — In a significant expansion of its cryptocurrency portfolio, Revolut, a frontrunner in Europe’s neobank sector, has added the FLOKI token to its platform. This move opens up avenues for over 40 million users across more than 150 countries to engage with the FLOKI cryptocurrency using major fiat currencies like the British Pound, Euro, and US Dollar.

The integration of FLOKI into Revolut’s trading platform is part of the token’s broader strategy to increase its global footprint. This listing is expected to enhance the accessibility of FLOKI, potentially increasing its adoption among Revolut’s substantial user base.

FLOKI has been making headlines recently, not only for its new listing but also for trending on the social media platform X, where it has captured significant attention. The cryptocurrency’s visibility was further boosted earlier this year when it was named the official cryptocurrency partner for the World Table Tennis Championship in South Korea.

In addition to these promotional endeavors, FLOKI has been focused on expanding its usability and integration into everyday commerce. It recently announced integration with Binance Pay, which allows merchants to accept FLOKI as payment, further cementing its utility in real-world transactions.

Moreover, FLOKI secured a partnership last month with Carbon Browser, a burgeoning Web3 browser with over seven million downloads. This collaboration is aimed at leveraging Carbon Browser’s daily active user base of about 62,500 to increase exposure and usage of the FLOKI token.

About FLOKI: Dubbed the “people’s cryptocurrency,” FLOKI is not only a utility token but also a key component of the Floki Ecosystem. With a vision to be the most recognized and most used cryptocurrency worldwide, FLOKI focuses on utility, community engagement, philanthropy, and robust marketing initiatives. Currently, the token boasts over 460,000 holders and has achieved global brand recognition through various strategic partnerships.

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