Forge Nano Unveils New Brand Identity and Introduces Atomic Armor TM, an Essential Technology to Revolutionize the Battery Market

DENVER, Feb. 17, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Forge Nano, a world-leading materials science company, today announced a new brand identity that reasserts the company’s bold vision – to build better materials for a better world. At the core of this new brand identity, Forge Nano has also introduced Atomic Armor™, the company’s proprietary nanocoating technology that enables atomic level engineering and nanoscale surface engineering to build better materials. When applied to lithium-ion batteries, Atomic Armor™ improves existing materials resulting in higher capacity and safety, while making batteries charge faster and last longer – all at a lower cost.

“Forge Nano has grown rapidly over the last few years with unique technology and product offerings that are poised to transform a range of industries for a more sustainable future,” says Paul Lichty, CEO, Forge Nano. “We are in the midst of a once-in-a-generation transformation toward a future that is electric, and our new brand identity brings to life our commitment to make this transformation happen, today, with Atomic Armor™.”

Atomic Armor™ is the application of Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) coatings done with the speed, precision and know-how that will unlock a product’s performance and scale beyond anything imaginable. Forge Nano has built a portfolio of equipment and tools to apply Atomic Armor™ onto nearly any surface and form factor. It works by creating a custom nano shield to prevent negative reactions, while simultaneously enhancing material surfaces to improve functional properties.

With Atomic Armor™, Forge Nano is the only company delivering this innovative technology at commercial scale. Atomic Armor enables better batteries; rocket fuel that is more stable; medicines with longer shelf life; fabrics that resist bacteria and odors; the list is endless.

Elements of Forge Nano’s new brand identity include:

  • New Company and Brand Logos: The updated Forge Nano logo incorporates fresh, electric colors that reflect the company’s bold vision for the future. For the first time, the company has unveiled an Atomic Armor™ logo that will differentiate the science, scale and impact that Atomic Armor™ products bring to the market.
  • New Website: Through compelling visuals and engaging content, the new Forge Nano website more seamlessly communicates how the company’s technical capabilities and innovative production methods will create new value for customers and partners.
  • New Vision Statement: Build better materials to build a better world.
  • New Mission Statement: Create and commercialize fundamental materials science to accelerate manufacturing innovation, transform product performance and achieve a more sustainable future.

About Forge Nano
Forge Nano is changing the way that materials are made. With our proprietary Atomic Armor™ using Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) technology we allow manufacturers to engineer their materials, down to the individual atom, in a way that is scalable and cost saving. The superior coatings produced by our Atomic Armor™ process allow us to unlock a material’s performance at the atomic level, optimizing characteristics like conductivity, thermostability, and corrosion resistance, to name a few. Our team of scientists have work with an expansive portfolio of commercial partners to develop custom solutions to meet any need at any scale, from small-scale R&D and laboratory work to large-scale high-volume production lines. Our technology is being made available to a wide range of applications, from consumer electronics and lithium-ion batteries to medical devices and 3D printing.

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