Former Capital One and Goldman Sachs Executives Join Prodigal for Their Next Leg of Growth

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., Sept. 28, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Prodigal is pleased to announce Scott Hamilton and Vijayan Seshasayee join in sales and strategy roles respectively. Scott has had an illustrious career in the lending industry, while Vijayan brings considerable experience at the intersection of technology and financial services.

"Lending and collection operations are unique and nuanced. Capital One & Goldman Sachs (Marcus) are sophisticated leaders in the space. We are excited that Scott and Vijayan have joined to build a category-defining company in the domain. We expect to more than double the team in the coming quarters & always look for exceptional folks to join our journey," said Shantanu Gangal, CEO of Prodigal.

Scott joins Prodigal with 25 years of experience holding a series of business transformation executive roles with GE Capital, JP Morgan, Bank of America and, most recently Capital One. While his expertise relates to designing innovative solutions to mission critical productivity and risk management challenges across the nation’s largest banks, Scott is an entrepreneur at heart! As the son and father of small business owners, Scott has long had the plan to exit the corporate world and join a rapidly growing start-up with a clear purpose and vision.

For Scott, Prodigal was a perfect match – a superior product, significant demand, superior leaders, experienced investors and a culture full of hard working, humble and highly competent soon-to-be friends. ‘I couldn’t be happier to join the team. While the product fills a very large void in the industry, Prodigal’s culture has made this an easy and exciting move – I couldn’t be happier!’ says Scott.

Vijayan joins Prodigal after an illustrious stint at Goldman Sachs where he advised software and new technology companies on late stage fundraising, capital markets transactions, and mergers and acquisitions. He has held prior operating and investing roles at Apple and ITC.

Vijayan has toyed with the idea of joining an early-stage startup for over a decade now, and finally found his fit at Prodigal. "Much like our investors, in addition to all the right hygiene markers, I see great potential in Prodigal’s unique vertical software thesis and the founding team’s ability to execute. I am excited to join the Prodigal team at this stage to further develop our strategy and bring metrics based rigor to our operations," he said. Vijayan holds an MBA from Harvard Business School and brings complementarity on the strategy and finance side of things at Prodigal.

About Prodigal
Prodigal is a pioneer of Collection Intelligence, a new category of software, which enables lenders, debt buyers, law firms and collection agencies to quickly and efficiently collect accounts receivables. Prodigal’s Collection Intelligence platform delivers actionable insights that help maximize revenue, improve agent productivity, and minimize compliance risk. With Prodigal’s Collection Intelligence platform, senior executives have complete intelligence about aggregated agent productivity, and FDCPA/TCPA non-compliance in real-time — an imperative for a modern collections business in an increasingly regulated environment.

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