Fresh Off Web Summit, Anomaly Science Opens Wait List for Beta Program

BERLIN, Dec. 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Web3 startup Anomaly Science recently attended Web Summit in Lisbon, Portugal as a member of the event’s ALPHA Startup Program. Web Summit is one of the world’s largest technology events with over 70,000 attendees and over 2,000 exhibiting startups.

“Web Summit gave us an opportunity to talk with both potential consumers and potential investors,” explained Anomaly Science CEO Jacob Haap, a 19-year-old entrepreneur who recently relocated to Berlin, Germany to expand the potential for doing business on a global scale.

“Being able to meet so many people from so many different backgrounds gave us validation that what we are building will have a profound impact on developers and all industries to which our technologies can be applied,” continued Haap. “Given the amount of support received, we have decided to open the waitlist for our Beta Program.”

Once the Beta is released, users will be able to deploy tokenized smart licenses as part of Anomaly Science’s business framework centered around the new concept of “Particles.”

“Particles are a pipeline that protects, tracks, and makes it easier to do business with new technology from the first line of code through distribution to the end user,” described Haap. “Particles enable a licensing system that makes hybrid-source code possible, grants more rights to developers and maintainers, simplifies collaboration, and is compatible with all new and existing projects using Git. Because it is built on the blockchain using smart contracts, smart licenses have an edge over traditional copyright licenses in that all rights are solidified, and all actions are automatically executed.”

Anomaly Science’s waitlist for the Particles beta is a perfect opportunity for developers who work on side projects outside of their day jobs, software and computer science students, and leaders of small teams. Interested parties can click the “Join Waitlist” button at Anomaly Science’s website.

Media Contact:
Jacob Haap

SOURCE Anomaly Science