Fulcrum Biometrics Expands into Europe with Acquisition of UK-based DelaneyBiometrics Business

SAN ANTONIO, Sept. 8, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — FULCRUM BIOMETRICS, INC., a leading provider of biometrics and identity management solutions and the developer of the FbF® Rapid Multi-Biometric Enablement Software Suite, today announced that it has acquired the DelaneyBiometrics business, including intellectual property and distribution rights, from Delaney Secure Ltd., a UK biometrics company specializing in cloud-based time and attendance and access control. The acquisition is aimed at strengthening Fulcrum’s off-the-shelf biometric solution offerings for small and medium enterprises, particularly in the areas of access control and time and attendance.

The three key biometric solutions that Fulcrum has acquired are DelaneyCloud, DelaneyID, and DelaneyGatekeeper. DelaneyCloud is a SaaS based plug-n-play biometric timesheet solution which is quick to deploy, manages cost, improves efficiency and provides independent auditable timesheet data from any web browser. DelaneyCloud is specifically targeted at construction companies and other businesses with temporary, mobile and remote workforces.  DelaneyGatekeeper and DelaneyID are deployed for access control management in secure facilities such as datacenters and factories, as well as membership driven organizations such as health clubs and gyms.

“The addition of DelaneyBiometrics intellectual property further increases Fulcrum Biometrics’ share in the biometrics solution market, and expands our geographic reach into Western and Central Europe,” said Ken Nosker, CEO of Fulcrum Biometrics. “With the backing of our parent corporation, Fujitsu Frontech North America Inc., Fulcrum is aggressively expanding our multi-modal biometric solution offerings and looking to move strategically into new territories.”

In April of 2020 Fulcrum Biometrics was acquired by Fujitsu Frontech North America Inc. (“FFNA”). The acquisitions goal, spearheaded by FFNA’s CEO Michi Sugawara, is the broadening and strengthening of Fujitsu’s biometric solutions and consulting business. The newly formed FFNA Biometrics Division is led by industry veteran Ken Nosker who also maintains his role as CEO of Fulcrum Biometrics, Inc. which is being run as a wholly owned subsidiary of FFNA. Since the acquisition by FFNA, Fulcrum Biometrics has announced new offices in Johannesburg, South Africa and now, with the conclusion of the DelaneyBiometrics acquisition, in High Wycombe, United Kingdom (about 30 miles from London, and close to Heathrow airport). Fulcrum has retained the Delaney offices together with key technical and operational employees to carry on the existing business. 

“The complete integration of the DelaneyBiometrics products into the Fulcrum Biometrics solution stack is expected to take several months.” said DelaneyBiometrics Managing Director, Paul Guckian. “Our customers can expect to receive the same great support and products as before, together with a significantly larger development team to further develop the solutions and achieve global scale.” Paul added, “Fulcrum’s leadership position in biometrics can bring organizational capability and sales growth that would have taken years to achieve organically.”

Fulcrum will seek to expand and strengthen the UK and European presence with additional sales and support staff, together with the addition of existing Fulcrum products and services to the UK and wider European market. Fulcrum will leverage the DelaneyCloud cloud-based time and attendance software and expand its capabilities to reach customers outside of Europe with a cost-effective SaaS model. The initial sales targets will be in North and South America followed quickly by Africa and the Middle East.

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