Garage.XYZ Announces Genesis Limited First Edition NFTs with Esteemed Automotive Photographer Ian Wood Featuring Photos of the Most Beautiful Vehicles Ever Created

SAN FRANCISCO, March 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — GarageXYZ, the photography-based NFT project and DAO concept founded by Anthony Kline, Peter Miller, and Ian Wood, announces its Genesis Limited NFT Drop on March 26, 2022 shortly after completing a successful seed round from The General Partnership (Reid Hoffman), Najam Kidwai (Crypto1) Cosmic Venture Partners (, nifty, masterclass), and Stefan Johansson (Ferrari, McLaren). Garage.XYZ will build, own, and operate the first community owned racing franchise. The Car Club and NFTs will provide unique access, experiences and utility to members during the 2022 Formula 1 Season. Since its launch in January, Garage.XYZ has secured partnerships with two racing franchises to sponsor upcoming drivers at the Indy500 and 24 Hr Le Mans in France. These initial sponsorships are first steps towards their larger goal of owning and operating the first, community owned Formula 1 team.

Garage.XYZ will soon launch their first edition of NFT’s, a photography project by esteemed automotive photographer Ian Wood in his revolutionary "Naked Color" styling. Titled "Genesis" the First Edition of 2250 NFTs are photos of some of the most beautiful vehicles ever created. Each vehicle was individually sourced and photographed by Ian and the Garage.XYZ team. Each NFT is an entry ticket or access to the Garage community. Proceeds from the NFT sales will also provide unique money-alone-can’t-get-you experiences for members. Garage.XYZ is positioned to become the most influential car club in the world leveraging the power of community and providing access and experiences that sets it apart on every level.

"Garage.XYZ started as a passion project – a nights and weekends thing to help break up the monotony of ‘shelter in place.’ Selfishly, we wanted to determine a way to get access to the vehicles we had dreamt of owning but were prohibitively expensive or rare," says Kline, Founder and CEO of Garage.XYZ. 

He dreamt up the vision for Garage.XYZ with CoFounder, Peter Miller, who studied mechanical engineering and operated the Stanford engine lab to pay for his master’s degree. 

"It’s when we found Ian that everything really came together. His photography captures vehicles the way that owners, collectors, and enthusiasts see them. It’s the best work I’ve ever seen in automotive photography, and it’s no surprise that he’s been granted unfettered access to the Petersen Museum and Mullin Museum; not to mention all the collectors who have sought him out to photograph their cars." 

Sports franchises will be community owned

Kline takes inspiration from the Green Bay Packers football team, as well as many of the soccer clubs throughout England. "People desire to be part of something bigger than themselves, and racing is already one of the biggest, if not the biggest sports on the planet. It’s certainly one of the most global-thinking, and we believe there’s a real opportunity to attract fans all over the planet to own and operate racing teams.

"Are we a bit crazy? Yeah, probably…but we came out to Silicon Valley to try crazy things and we’ve had success doing so. We know deep down, and have done the research, that this is something people want." 

Garage.XYZ is in full throttle this year. Their second edition launch of NFTs, "Iconic" is happening this summer along with number of exciting IRL events for members of the community that are not to be missed.

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Serry Osmena