Garner’s Hard Drive Erasure & Destruction Equipment Is Now ETL Certified

ROSEVILLE, Calif., Aug. 3, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Garner Products, Inc. leads the data destruction industry in product safety by being the first and only U.S. hard drive degausser and destroyer manufacturer to obtain certification of its products to UL, IEC and CSA safety standards from a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL). In addition, Garner’s products are independently tested for conformity to CE standards for safety and emissions for the European Union.

The ETL Listed Mark affixed to Garner’s products is issued by Electrical Testing Laboratories (ETL), a NRTL, and indicates compliance with UL, IEC and CSA safety standards. Electrical Testing Labs is a long-established and widely recognized NRTL and was founded by Thomas Edison in 1896. To ensure continued compliance, ETL performs unannounced quarterly inspections of Garner’s manufacturing process. 

"The ETL certification underscores  Garner Products’ commitment to safety in the design and manufacturing quality that goes into every product," said Ron Stofan, Garner’s President. "Our customers can be assured that Garner’s degaussers and destroyers meet the stringent safety guidelines required by data centers, hospitals, and other sensitive work environments around the world. "

Garner degaussers completely sanitize hard drives and tape of all data in seconds. Garner destroyers pierce the data chips in solid-state drives, as well as bending, breaking and mangling hard drives. Garner’s IRONCLAD data destruction verification system with JPG image capture, documents the data santization process with time, date, operator ID, erasure diagnostics and media photos to properly document the chain-of-custody of the the hard drive decommissioning process. Garner Products are made in the USA.

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