Gazepoint Releases New, More Portable Eye Tracker Devices

VANCOUVER, BC, Nov. 24, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — The world of eye trackers is witnessing a massive improvement thanks to Gazepoint Research Inc., the global leader for research-grade eye tracking solutions. Gazepoint is introducing new designs for their GP3 60Hz eye tracker and the GP3 HD 150Hz eye trackers. These devices now have a sleeker shape and a smaller physical footprint. The new sizes and designs of these two pieces of technology were crafted to be easier to use and become more portable to facilitate transportation for the user.

The ingenuity and constant effort to improve on these products have resulted in these new devices being approximately 30% smaller with the device’s length shortened from 320mm to 235mm. At the same time, the device’s weight has been cut down from 245g to 155g offering the end-user a more portable and easier-to-handle device. All these physical changes to the GP3 60Hz and the GP3 HD 150Hz come with no changes in their overall tracking performance, remaining at 0.5 to 1.0 degrees of visual angle accuracy as well as still requiring the same equipment to operate — receive the same power in a more portable device while expecting the same extraordinary performance that Gazepoint delivers!

While eye trackers and eye tracking devices have many uses in different industries, the new GP3 and GP3 HD eye trackers models are designed specifically for marketing studies, academic research, usability testing, and UX optimization. These eye tracking devices combined with a well thought out research and purpose have been proven to be amazing allies in the search for improvement in many developments.

One of the reasons customers, researchers, and marketers keep coming back to Gazepoint is thanks to the user-friendly interface and devices made with high-quality materials that satisfy people’s expectations. These research-grade and cost-effective solutions bring a perfect balance between eye tracking devices that researchers can count on while offering the solutions for a fraction of the cost of other products.

“The precision of the GP3 eye tracker and the user-friendliness of the software still amazes me. I have rented eye tracking equipment in the past and the cost of a two-month Tobii rental is equal to four times the purchase cost of Gazepoint with analysis software. To me the performance is equal and, in some ways, I feel the Gazepoint system is better.” – Bill Steward.

Designed to work with a variety of different screen types and computers, Gazepoint eye trackers are flexible and cost-effective solutions for most eye tracking needs.

About Gazepoint:

Gazepoint is a technology company that has been making a difference in the eye tracking industry for more than a decade and continues to do so with their ingenuity and effort to keep improving eye trackers for all the academic researchers, marketers, and many other industries that rely on the power eye trackers to improve their productivity and performance.

Some of the areas that have benefited from Gazepoint’s products are:

  • Marketing: Research & Application
  • Academics: Teaching & Research
  • Medical Professional
  • Corporate Research & Development

At Gazepoint, the ultimate goal is to keep moving forward and providing customers and end-users with reliable products at an affordable price while having a team of experts at their disposal to provide all the help needed to take the usage of these eye trackers to the next level.

Trusted by leading research institutions and Fortune 500 companies globally, Gazepoint is the best choice for a quick to deploy, affordable research-grade eye tracking system.

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