Gazepoint’s New Eye Tracking System with Biometric Capabilities Is Here!

VANCOUVER, BC, April 27, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — There have been moments in the eye-tracking industry when major developments have shifted technology and helped it grow and improve, and thanks to Gazepoint Research Inc., we are able to witness that once more!

Gazepoint Research Inc., the global leader for affordable eye tracking solutions, introduces the Gazepoint Biometrics system. The Gazepoint Biometrics Hardware kit gives you the ability to capture biometric signals such as heart rate, galvanic skin response (GSR) — also known as electrodermal activity (EDA), and a user-controlled analog input for marketing feedback response. The Gazepoint Biometrics system, developed in-house, offers full integration and synchronization with existing Gazepoint systems, including eye trackers and Gazepoint Analysis software, providing seamless, integrated eye tracking and physiological data.

Eye trackers, on their own, are very powerful tools to have for research and development purposes. That being said, now that Gazepoint has been able to couple this amazing technology with a biometric tracker, researchers, marketers, and other professionals alike can benefit from having another trackable piece of information that can help them with future studies and endeavors!

The hardware system includes a feedback response dial module and a two-finger module that connect to a computer through USB. The system can be used stand-alone or along with other Gazepoint hardware such as eye tracking. The feedback response dial allows users to provide real-time marketing feedback by turning a dial to indicate the user-perceived level of engagement at any time. The two-finger probe module fits on either the left or right hand and does not require any adhesive sensors on the head or body. Along with heart rate and skin response (GSR/EDA) from the Gazepoint Biometrics system, the Gazepoint eye-tracking suite can also provide gaze position on a variety of media (images, videos, etc), as well as pupil diameter, blink rate, and more.

“Gazepoint Biometrics Hardware makes it easy to acquire data for neuromarketing studies!” Dr. Craig Hennessey, CEO Gazepoint.

The eye-tracking devices and software that Gazepoint offers have been coveted for many years by researchers, marketers, and many other professionals, due to their high-quality materials, outstanding design, and user-friendly interface that have made people fall in love with their products. Thanks to the many applications these devices can have and how important they can be for those who are striving to better their products and studies, Gazepoint Research Inc. eye trackers are a must-have piece of technology!

About Gazepoint:

Gazepoint is a technology company that has been making a difference in the eye tracking industry for more than a decade and continues to do so with their ingenuity and effort to keep improving eye trackers for all the academic researchers, marketers, and many other industries that rely on the power eye trackers to improve their productivity and performance.

Some of the areas that have benefited from Gazepoint’s products are:

  • Marketing: Research & Application
  • Academics: Teaching & Research
  • Medical Professional
  • Corporate Research & Development

At Gazepoint, the ultimate goal is to keep moving forward and providing customers and end-users with reliable products at an affordable price while having a team of experts at their disposal to provide all the help needed to take the usage of these eye trackers to the next level.

Trusted by leading research institutions and Fortune 500 companies globally, Gazepoint is the best choice for a quick-to-deploy, affordable research-grade eye tracking system.

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