Giftsenda’s Gifting Platform Enhances Corporate Gifting with Data-Driven Insights

ARLINGTON, Mass., May 20, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — To assist companies with tools to make more data-driven decisions, especially when it comes to corporate gifting, Giftsenda has boosted their international gifting platform with tracking and reporting features.

One of the age-old issues with corporate gifting is the fact that it can be hard to track its ROI when manual delivery methods are used, but with the use of a gifting platform, this issue is solved. By making use of pre-built reports that are housed within the platform, organizations are able to refine their strategies by accurately measuring the performance and cost of gifting at a team-, user- and campaign level.

According to Dmitriy Peregudov, the CEO of Giftsenda, “In a digital-first world – it is important to adjust gifting methods to keep up with constantly evolving user expectations. Campaigns that are purely based on gifts that have been sent via direct mail will have fewer metrics that can be tracked in comparison to online gift invites. These gift invites can be sent via a branded email or a link that can be shared on any online communication platform. They allow recipients to choose gifts and provide delivery details – in 200 countries around the world.”

For direct mail campaigns, users are able to track the cost of the gifts, gifts that have been sent and their delivery statuses – whether sending single or bulk gifts. When online gift invites are sent, the platform is able to track the email open rate, the click rate, the gift invite acceptance rate, the cost of gifts, gift choices, the general delivery status of each gift and “thank you” messages from recipients. “Our customers especially enjoy being able to see the appreciation from their recipients,” Dmitriy states.

Using this data, businesses can take into account the preferences of the gift receiver for a more personalized approach. Furthermore, users are able to compare campaigns to determine aspects that might be providing better results, such as the invite design, the gift invite message or even the gifts. This is especially useful for sales outreach or marketing campaigns where gifts are being used as incentives.

For a streamlined experience, the reports can be viewed on the Giftsenda platform or from within the organization’s chosen CRM or HRM software, such as HubSpot or BambooHR. This means that companies can measure the impact of gifting based on the activities that are being tracked within their chosen platform. For example, within the CRM, users can measure the impact of gifting on the sales pipeline. If gifts are sent to prospects at a time just before a deal is closed to create a more personal connection – the impact of this can be determined in correlation with the percentage of deals that have been closed and the number of accepted gifts.

Whether using corporate gifting for marketing, employee gifting, sales activities or as part of the customer journey, having access to these reports on a gifting platform will enable businesses to be more cost-effective and strategic. Visit for more information.

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