Gravyty Announces Free Fundraising Master Class

BOSTON, April 15, 2021 /PRNewswire/ —¬†Gravyty, the market-defining leader of artificial intelligence (AI) for Social Good, announced a new and free Master Class for fundraisers and nonprofit leadership approaching the end of the year. The class “Gravyty Fundraising Master Class: 90 Days Until Fiscal Year Close” is taught by Gravyty’s Director of Customer Success, Lisa Alvezi, and her team of fundraising experts. Whether you are a fundraising leader guiding your team, a major gift officer helping your organization reach its dollar goal, or an annual fund officer turning over every stone to maximize donor participation, this class is the complete team roadmap to winning the fiscal year in the last quarter.

“I’m lucky to have a daily front-row seat to see Lisa’s brilliance. She’s relentlessly committed to advancing our customers’ successes by empowering them to scale fundraising with AI solutions. She has an amazing talent to understand development challenges and plot a path to winning,” said Adam Martel, CEO of Gravyty. “In her Master Class, she uses years of fundraising experience and research to help other fundraisers do the very best work of their lives and help advancement teams coordinate their efforts in transformative ways.”

Alvezi is Director of Customer Success for Gravyty. In her career, she’s worked with countless organizations across Higher Education, Independent Schools, Healthcare, and Nonprofit Organizations. She focuses on transforming the way fundraising works by marrying strategy with revolutionary AI technology so her customers can focus directly on changing the world for the better. Prior to Gravyty, Lisa held multiple positions in fundraising, including Director of Alumni Relations for Babson College.

“In the last 90 days of the fiscal year, the pressure is on for all nonprofit fundraising shops, and I want to show fundraisers how to meet the moment,” said Alvezi. “In Gravyty Fundraising Master Class, I’ll show you how to embrace a ‘one team, one win’ mentality, drive to the same North Star, and close the fiscal year with amazing success.”

The complete Gravyty Fundraising Master Class: 90 Days Until Fiscal Year Close is delivered online via 19 immersive assets, sent directly to your email. The curriculum covers four chapters:

  • Chapter 1 – Donor Acquisition & Retention
  • Chapter 2 – Major Gifts
  • Chapter 3 – Improved Stewardship
  • Chapter 4 – Day 91: Parallel Planning for Next Fiscal Year

Are you ready to meet the moment? Enroll in Gravyty’s Fundraising Master Class for free here:

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Gravyty is the market-defining leader of artificial intelligence (AI) for Social Good. We exist so the nonprofit sector can transform what’s possible through philanthropy. Our AI platform focuses on fundraiser efficiency and donor data security. Gravyty automates the most time-consuming processes that get in the way of fundraisers doing the work they love — developing and cultivating relationships with donors. By empowering fundraisers to efficiently personalize outreach, build new relationships faster, steward and deepen existing relationships, and keep donor data safe, customers expand workforces without making new hires and increase giving revenue. Visit

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