GreenWorld Token Merges Cryptocurrency and Environmental Activism, in Pioneering Impactful Technology in the Decentralized World

The innovative new cryptocurrency, GreenWorld Token, sets its sights on global warming, deforestation, and water pollution – bringing together the nonprofit community with cutting edge tech.

NEW YORK, May 23, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Pioneering a new world of decentralized charity platforms, GreenWorld is integrating the best blockchain features with the most forward-thinking approach, growing a community around purpose and action. In the face of incredible multi ecosystem collapse and accelerating climate change, GreenWorld Token is creating a new way to make an impact while also driving a profit for its holders. In fact, in April of 2022, GreenWorld donated $2000 to the #teamtrees organization, kicking off what will be the first of many sizable contributions to organizations that make a real difference in the fight against climate change.

Based on Blockchain technology, the GreenWorld Token stands out as a modern alternative to standard currency, providing an opportunity to invest in the planet’s future and step into the world of decentralized investing. Amazingly, GreenWorld remains highly transparent, having relinquishing ownership of their contract and completing a full audit, before bringing on token holders.

According to GreenWorld, their mission is to help scale an effective fight against global warming, using direct resources to help organizations who are at the front lines, fighting back. GreenWorld believes that community is at the heart of this mission, and as such, they are committed to empowering a growing community of climate warriors who are ready for the future in this global fight for our eco systems and planet. 

Within the GreenWorld ecosystem, $GWD will be the native currency utilized. By combining the power of blockchain and cryptocurrency, they developed a token that fosters and promotes the project’s healthy and widespread usage through fast, secure, and public transactions. In focusing on Blockchain technology and the token economy, GreenWorld is able to best serve and grow a truly modern community, promoting an incentive system, community ownership, and evolving benefits and rewards as the project grows.

In the near future, GreenWorld is looking forward to building partnerships in the nonprofit world, expanding its platform on a truly international level, and implementing feedback from the community as the GreenWorld Token continually makes a lasting impact on the world. 

To learn more about GreenWorld Token and to get involved, explore GreenWorld’s Twitter, Telegram, and main site for more information. Keep apprised of their exciting plans, as well as roadmap and how to invest. 

About GreenWorld 
GreenWorld is creating a modern Blockchain-based platform for both trading and a transparent international charity organization. Focused on addressing and helping to solve the enormous environmental issues of today, GreenWorld is dedicated to bringing awareness and funds to problems such as deforestation, water pollution, climate change, and more. They also aim to build the best-decentralized technology available to the world while building mass adoption of cryptocurrency, providing passive income to token holders and expanding wealth for the community as a whole. 

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