Group-IB Wins 2020 CybersecAsia Award for Its Digital Forensics Services

SINGAPORE, Sept. 29, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Group-IB, a global threat hunting and intelligence company headquartered in Singapore, has been named a winner of the 2020 CybersecAsia Awards in the Digital Forensics Services category. The inaugural CybersecAsia Awards recognizes Asia’s leaders in cybersecurity for the critical roles played and the huge advances and innovations made over the last two years.

Group-IB has been selected by the CybersecAsia Awards committee out of 50 nominations from APAC companies in 16 award categories based on the interactions with analysts, industry watchers, vendors, and end-user organizations familiar with the Asia Pacific market. The CybersecAsia editors and a group of regional CISOs serving as the panel of judges shortlisted and scored 27 finalists, based on the detailed submissions, which resulted in 17 winners, announced on September 29 in Singapore. Group-IB received the award for its digital forensics services, that have been provided by Group-IB’s DFIR team from day one of the company’s existence.

Group-IB was founded in 2003 as a cyber investigations and digital forensics bureau and has always stayed true to these roots. Over time, Group-IB’s Digital Forensics and Incident Response team (DFIR) team has developed proprietary technologies and systems to perform correct and timely forensic examination, analysis of malware and traces of hacker attacks, including those within deleted and encrypted data, which laid the groundwork for Group-IB’s unique threat hunting ecosystem of products and services. Group-IB DFIR team made more than 1000+ successful IR engagements around the globe which continue to feed Group-IB’s Attribution-based Threat Intelligence with unique data about intrusion tactics and malware samples used by advanced attackers.

Group-IB’s digital forensic experts cooperate with international law enforcement in their investigations. When it comes to presenting digital evidence in court, Group-IB’s experts determine the most relevant data; extract, process, and format it without compromising its integrity; and prepare it according to all necessary requirements. They hold multiple industry certifications, including GCTI, GCFA, ENCE, and ACE.

“We are pleased to be named the best Digital Forensics Services provider by the CybersecAsia,” said Ilya Sachkov, CEO and founder at Group-IB. “Knowing that our technologies are in demand on a global scale motivates our team to continue improving. Our DFIR experts are called upon to respond to and mitigate most complex cyber emergencies worldwide. Every one of them has a unique set of malware analysis and threat hunting skills. It is extremely challenging to find a qualified forensic expert who would meet our requirements. This is why our DFIR team members are spending a lot of their time training and sharing their knowledge with students of the leading universities around the world, including in the Asia Pacific.”

“In an era of accelerated digital transformation and increasingly sophisticated cyber-threats, Group-IB is providing organizations of all sizes in this region a comprehensive digital forensic solution in the form of innovative services employing its cyber-threat intelligence and artificial intelligence expertise to hunt down and prevent attacks, as well as investigate cybercriminal activities. We congratulate Group-IB for winning the CybersecAsia Awards 2020 in the Best Digital Forensic Solution/Services category,” commented Victor Ng, Editor-in-Chief, CybersecAsia and lead judge for CybersecAsia Awards 2020.

Learn more about Group-IB’s digital forensics team here.

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