High School Students Among America’s Youngest to Raise Venture Capital

INDIANAPOLIS, Jan. 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Fia, a winning team in Elevate Ventures’ Central Region Pre-Seed Awards Competition, received a $20,000 pre-seed investment at a $1.5 million valuation. Fia was founded by a team of Indianapolis high school seniors, making them some of the youngest venture-backed founders in America.

Isaiah "Izzy" Branam, 18, Emma Hamilton, 17, and Krishna Thiru, 17, founded Fia.

The team developed an employment recruitment platform that revolutionizes the way sales job-seekers secure employment and employers fill sales positions. The employment recruitment web application, Find Ideal Applicants (Fia), matches active job-seekers to their optimal open positions through the use of algorithms.

Rather than searching for candidates when filling a position, Fia flips the traditional recruitment process. Fia hosts a pool of job-seekers. The software utilizes tailored algorithms which match candidates and employers based on the candidates’ skill sets, experiences, and "dream job profile." Businesses are then provided a dashboard of their applicants, automating the talent sourcing and leaving only the interviews to the hiring managers. Automating this process:

  1. Reduces the amount of time human resource professionals need to source candidates; and
  2. Heavily undercuts the market rate of a recruiter; Fia costs employers approximately 90% less to fill a vacancy.

Fia’s user feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. This strong feedback includes one client generating 58 candidates and 4 hires within 30 days of becoming a user.

The Elevate Ventures Nexus Pitch Competition offers promising startups the opportunity to secure the foundational capital needed to launch their businesses. To qualify, companies must be based in Indiana, have a total addressable market of at least $500 million, and have a unique value proposition.

For more information on Fia, visit the Fia Recruit website at: https://www.fiarecruit.com. For media inquiries, please contact Emma Hamilton at
or 317-646-3015.

SOURCE Fia Technologies, Inc.