Home Inspection Software Company Inks Affiliate Deal with Oregon Startup Majordomo

CORVALLIS, Ore., April 20, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — An Oregon company that pioneered an innovative tool to help homebuyers and sellers take quick action on items listed in home-inspection reports has a new affiliate partner — Inspectcheck.net, which offers state-of-the-art software to home inspectors.

“The partnership between Oregon’s Majordomo and New York-based Inspectcheck makes perfect sense,” said Lee Eckroth, the co-founder and CEO of Majordomo, and an experienced real estate agent. “It gives the home inspectors across the nation who use Inspectcheck software another way to empower their customers by offering access to Majordomo’s exclusive Domoreport.”

The Domoreport prioritizes issues identified in a home inspection report and offers ZIP Code specific cost estimates on each repair. Real estate agents and their clients use the information to better understand the condition of the home and improve their chances for success during seller negotiations. After a client uploads a copy of a home inspection report, the company’s trained experts have a Domoreport ready within 24 hours.

The affiliation between Majordomo and Inspectcheck gives home inspectors another way to serve their clients at a critical point in the homebuying process. After potential homebuyers receive an inspection report, they usually have questions about the severity of the issues identified and the potential costs of repairs. Inspectors often do not have answers to those questions – and tracking down busy contractors in a timely fashion can be difficult.

That’s when the Domoreport helps clients navigate the findings in the home inspection report, by helping them prioritize the items identified by the home inspector and also offering market-specific estimates of repairs costs.

Under the affiliation between Majordomo and Inspectcheck, inspectors can include a flyer for Majordomo in their home-inspection reports. If a client orders a Domoreport, the inspector collects an affiliate fee.

“It was a good fit for us and our users,” said Dave Clark, the founder of Inspectcheck. “Basically, we’re always looking for ways to make our software better for our inspectors and make their job easier. We love affiliates that do that.”

Clark, who has more than a quarter-century of experience in home inspections and who also is an International Code Council Certified Housing Inspector, points to another area where Majordomo and Inspectcheck are a good match: Clark emphasizes to inspectors the importance of providing usable and detailed information in their reports – and the Domoreport also does that, by helping clients take immediate action on the findings in the home inspection.

Eckroth said Clark’s experience as a home inspector made Inspectcheck appealing as a partner for Majordomo: “He had a clear understanding of where the benefits of our product really fit, since he’s still out there doing home inspections. It’s a great match.”

Clark said it’s a match that will help both companies: “We’re going to grow together.”

To learn more about Majordomo, go to its website at http://www.majordomo.com

For more information about Inspectcheck, go to its website at http://www.inspectcheck.net.

For more information contact Lee Eckroth,
, 541-995-0179

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