IANS Research Launches New Privacy Operations Offering to Simplify Compliance for CISOs, Privacy, and Compliance Teams

BOSTON, July 11, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Today, IANS Research, a Boston-based cybersecurity research and advisory firm, launched IANS Privacy Operations, a new subscription-based offering designed to help Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs), Privacy, and Compliance teams navigate the complex and evolving landscape of global privacy regulations. As privacy concerns become increasingly critical, IANS provides essential resources to support organizations in assessing, creating, and implementing effective privacy policies. 

Unlike traditional legal guidance, which is often written by lawyers for lawyers, IANS Privacy Operations focuses on the operational side of privacy compliance. This ensures that security and privacy teams can implement necessary actions without deciphering complex legal language and can focus on what matters most.

“Privacy is often an increasingly integral part of the CISO’s responsibilities,” stated Phil Gardner, Founder & CEO of IANS Research. “Our goal is to provide CISOs, Privacy, and Compliance teams with clear, practical guidance that avoids legal jargon and helps them manage privacy operations effectively.”

CISO ownership of privacy has risen from 35% to 47% over the past five years. Privacy Operations is tailored to address the growing need for straightforward, actionable guidance for today’s regulatory environment. With over 40 privacy bills enacted or in progress in the US and over 165 countries establishing privacy laws, organizations must be prepared to comprehend and implement these regulations efficiently.

“The landscape of privacy regulations is ever-evolving, making it extremely challenging for organizations to stay compliant,” stated Rebecca Herold, IANS Faculty member and CEO of The Privacy Professor and Privacy & Security Brainiacs. “IANS Privacy Operations is a valuable resource that simplifies and helps to ensure comprehensive processes and associated activities, enabling security and privacy teams to keep up with regulatory changes without being overwhelmed or omitting required compliance components.”

IANS Privacy Operations features a comprehensive suite of tools and resources, including:

  • Operational Privacy Framework: Baseline privacy requirements and enhanced privacy best practices help identify key gaps in overall privacy programs.
  • Privacy Toolkit: Tools and templates designed to expedite privacy tasks, including Data Inventory templates and Privacy Impact Assessment tools.
  • Bi-Monthly Privacy Briefings: Faculty-led sessions on current and upcoming privacy topics to stay up-to-date on the shifting regulatory landscape.
  • Regulation Cheat Sheets: A database of privacy regulations with actionable insights for InfoSec teams, including a to-do list for implementation.
  • Privacy Communication Slides: Ready-to-use slides and metrics to effectively communicate privacy stakes to the board, management, and key stakeholders.

For more information about IANS Privacy Operations, please visit www.iansresearch.com/what-we-do/privacy-operations.

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