Immersion Analytics Announces Metaverse Platform for Enterprise ISVs

BOSTON, Jan. 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Immersion Analytics applauds partners Microsoft, Magic Leap, and Meta for embracing the value that metaverse technologies deliver. Immersion Analytics’ patented software leverages metaverse technologies to offer a cognitive upgrade for the hundreds of millions of knowledge workers interacting with data, collaborating, and presenting their work.

Immersion Analytics’ Runtime v2022.1 platform release simplifies incorporating metaverse technologies into existing enterprise ISV software offerings & workflows. Unlike other tools, our Runtime works without learning unfamiliar video game development engines, GPU programming or device-specific SDKs. Already proven with Tableau and Qlik business intelligence (BI) software, enterprise application developers leverage our capabilities using already familiar programming languages & frameworks to integrate the best of flat screen and metaverse capabilities.

Research shows immersive data visualizations enable you to understand 3x as many data points over what’s possible with flat screen interfaces. Our patented Dimensional Engine™ creates immersive data visualizations without typical plot restrictions of just X-Y axes, size, shape and color. As a result, knowledge workers can understand greater breadth and depth of data. Regardless of how outliers or anomalies appear, our patented dimensional effects draw your attention where it’s needed. Understanding these additional dimensions, points and their interrelationships improves decision making for knowledge workers trying to understand modern data complexities.

It’s a game-changing upgrade for human cognition in an age of AI and machine learning. These capabilities, incorporated using the Immersion Analytics Runtime, differentiate enterprise independent software vendor (ISV) offerings where knowledge workers interact with data. Segments include BI, financial markets, ERP, CRM, cybersecurity, data science, education, healthcare, logistics, defense & intelligence.

We enable these ISVs to gain powerful differentiation in their markets. As a result, their knowledge worker customers more completely see and understand data enabling higher quality decision-making in real time.

To try this for yourself, sign up for the new Immersion Analytics Insider Access Program to access trials & betas for nonproduction evaluation use.

About Immersion Analytics

Immersion Analytics enables knowledge workers to better see, understand, and communicate data through the power of immersive visualization. Now business users can simultaneously comprehend incremental data dimensions — enabling valuable data discoveries, uncovering new business opportunities and risks, and communicating actionable insights like never before.  For more information, visit, follow us on Twitter or on LinkedIn.

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Andrew Shepard

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