Industrial Private 5G Market Growing Steadily But Not Exploding

Mobile Experts illustrates what is holding the Private 5G market back

SANTA YNEZ, Calif., July 9, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Mobile Experts Inc. released two new reports this week, showing the dramatically rising investment in Private Cellular networks and the incremental investments in Edge Computing. In particular, the forecasts highlight a 10X increase in the 5G investment by enterprises in Energy, Mining, Utilities, Transportation, Public Sector, Manufacturing, and Logistics, Agriculture, and Construction….and the Edge Computing infrastructure that accompanies the networks.

The first new report, Industrial Private Cellular 2024, describes how the market could grow even faster. Mobile Experts uses a tool called the “Readiness Wheel” to illustrate how private cellular networks also need aspects such as IT/OT integration, aligned business models, and integrated network management software to scale up quickly. 

Large enterprises like Deere, BMW, Volkswagen, and Siemens are playing a role in the development of “do it yourself” mobile networks with sophisticated IT/OT integration. The new Mobile Experts report shows how these early deployments will migrate toward “Private Wireless as a Service” (PWaaS) and Network Slicing business models for smaller companies and others that prefer an OPEX model.

The report also provides detailed breakdowns of the radio shipments and the numbers of physical network nodes to be deployed, with nitty-gritty details on radio formats, regional deployments, and how many units will be deployed in each vertical market. In addition to the radio infrastructure, the report covers IoT and other user devices, as well as the expected revenue from network services.

“We’ve seen the cloud players back away from the connectivity side of private networks somewhat,” commented Kyung Mun, Principal Analyst at Mobile Experts. “This leaves a ‘hole’ in the market that can be filled by the communications service providers, by OEM suppliers, or by neutral hosts. The hyperscalers are distracted by AI/ML, so this is an opportunity for others to step into a more prominent role in developing Private Cellular and Edge Computing.”

This report was released in tandem with Mobile Experts’ latest report on Edge Computing data centers, where our intrepid analysts tracked significant numbers of on-premises data centers, as well as solid deployment of commercial Edge Data Centers by cloud players, telcos, and neutral hosts. Between the two reports, Mobile Experts presents a detailed and comprehensive view of the ecosystem maturity that will be needed for long-term growth.

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