Infinia ML’s Document Intelligence Earns HFS “Hot Vendor” Spot

DURHAM, N.C., Jan. 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Infinia ML, which helps companies answer their most important questions via intelligent document processing, is on the HFS Hot Vendor list.

The report on Infinia ML, available here, highlights the company’s focus on "using machine learning for document processing to enable clients to automate otherwise labor-intensive document reading and classification."

Analysts note that for industries like insurance and healthcare, "[e]xtracting content from unstructured data sources such as documents is a here-and-now challenge and need for many enterprise clients today."

HFS specifically calls out Infinia ML’s approach to "pre-packaging some of its core IP while also undertaking last-mile customization through a targeted solution," as well its drive "to marry insights with decreasing human intervention and errors."

Infinia CEO Rob Delaney says that the HFS Hot Vendor honor is a credit not only to the company’s team and technology, but to its customers.

"Our success is only possible because of customer trust," he says. "From healthcare to compliance services, we will continue to earn the right to help our customers answer their most important questions with their most meaningful data."

About Infinia ML

Infinia ML applies machine learning to knowledge work.

The company’s intelligent document processing platform reads and comprehends key information from legal records, medical protocols, insurance claims, and more. The platform doesn’t just find words on a page – it understands them in the context of visual structure, surrounding language, and layout.

The platform automates tedious tasks and empowers Infinia ML data scientists to uncover transformative business insights in processed documents, like:

  • Supply chain warnings hidden in customer support requests.
  • The patients most likely to return to the hospital.
  • The quality of proposals and contracts.

Enterprise leaders, technology innovators, and government partners trust Infinia ML on critical projects with sensitive data.

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