Infoplane Transforms Personal Knowledge Management by Introducing Stacks

Short notes management app Infos for iOS and macOS is now “Infoplane”

EGGERSDORF/GRAZ, Austria, May 22, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Elemental Tools today introduced Infoplane as the new name for their popular personal knowledge management app Infos. Infoplane is a short notes management app for iOS and macOS that focuses on quickly finding and efficiently managing small pieces of information. Infoplane represents the second major release of the app since its introduction in late 2022 and comes with a new element allowing users to bring more structure into their infos: stacks.

Organizing Infos Using Stacks

The new stacks feature allows users to organize related infos into stacks of notes simply by dragging them on top of each other. Users can then navigate into stacks and also limit a search to a specific stack. Stacks especially make it easier for users to keep their infos organized if they prefer browsing over searching. Other structural elements include tags as well as categories which also support adding color to infos.

“The superpower of Infoplane is its elegant simplicity,” according to Wolfgang Bartelme, co-founder and designer behind Infoplane. “Therefore, we thought for a long time whether we should really add an additional structural element, because everything you add tends to make things more complicated. But stacks seemed to be a really good compromise between simplicity and applicability.”

Improved Siri & Shortcuts Support

The new version modernizes support for Apple’s Shortcuts app as well as Siri. Users can add new infos or search for notes using their voice. Infoplane also makes its Shortcuts API more consistent and versatile for those users who want to go one step further and integrate infos-based functionality in their own Shortcuts.

Additional improvements include even faster search and a reworked autocompletion algorithm that makes using tags even easier. Infoplane also features a number of smaller user interface optimizations such as a more powerful context menu, or additional keyboard shortcuts.


Infoplane (formerly Infos) is available from the iOS and Mac App Store. Users can manage up to 10 infos for free with otherwise access to the full functionality of the app. Unlimited infos are available both as a one-time purchase as well as via a monthly or yearly subscription. For more information visit the Infoplane website at

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