Innovative Long -Range Phone for Large Homes or Big Footprint Small Businesses

COSTA MESA, Calif., Oct. 12, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — EnGenius Technologies Inc., a multinational voice and data networking company, known for its leadership in industrial voice and carry-away solutions for businesses, today announced the release of its powerful FreeStyl SIP long-range cordless phone and two-way radio system.

For small businesses like equipment rental yards, plant nurseries, wedding venues, and others with expansive environments where cellular phone service is poor or not practical and typical cordless phones are not effective, the FreeStyl SIP carry-away phone is ready to go anytime, anywhere.

Key features make the FreeStyl SIP the best choice for large homes or small businesses with big footprints that need reliable voice communications.

Extreme Long-Range Performance

FreeStyl SIP implements EnGenius proprietary air protocol, with high RF transmission and sensitivity, providing superior range and coverage for large areas with minimal infrastructure requirements. Coverage is more than sufficient for properties up to 100,000 sq. ft (retail/warehouse), 25,000 sq. ft. (office/hotel), or 10 acres (farm/ranch).

VoIP SIP connection

FreeStyl SIP supports the VoIP SIP interface, allowing you to connect the base station to the internet via an IP-PBX or preferred hosted SIP service provider.

Wi-Fi Bandwidth Avoidance

Adopting 900MHz (902~928MHz) allows the FreeStyl SIP to avoid competing for Wi-Fi bandwidth. By using 900 MHz for wireless voice communications, the FreeStyl SIP can enjoy clear, open voice communication channels without adding to the Wi-Fi bandwidth demand crowded with laptops, cell phones, security cameras, scanners, and other IoT devices.

900 MHz Benefits

900MHz (902~928MHz) allows for improved coverage by utilizing a lower unlicensed frequency and FHSS (frequency hopping spread spectrum) technology provides security during conversation.

Multiple Usage

The Freestyl SIP solution can be expanded to 10 handsets and 10 SIP accounts.

Built-in, Independent Two-Way Radio Function

All handsets have built-in digital two-way radio functions including both broadcast and intercom. The two-way radio functions are independent of the phone base and fully operational even if power to the phone base is down.

Handset Two-Way Intercom

FreeStyl SIP provides direct handset-to-handset communication without going through the phone base station. Intercom connects directly from one handset to another with no push-to-talk turn taking required.

Handset Two-Way Broadcast

One-way communication, independent of phone base unit is ideal for providing short messages to all handsets or a group of handsets.

The FreeStyl SIP will be available November 2021.

The FreeStyl SIP model was developed by EnGenius, the leading manufacturer of long-range industrial voice communications, and shares many of the same top features of models costing two to three times as much. With the FreeStyl SIP, you can enjoy huge savings and clear, long-range communication from virtually anywhere on your property.

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