Innovega Continues Aggressive Patent Filings

BELLEVUE, Wash., Aug. 12, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Innovega Inc. continued its patenting activity with two recent applications for multistage molding of component-containing lenses and for methods of delivery of oxygen to the cornea with non-oxygen-permeable smart contact lens components. Innovega also received notice of allowance for a core patent, Contact Lens and Method and Systems for Constructing a Contact Lens.

"The Innovega team continues to focus on process engineering to drive down the manufacturing cost of our iOptik® smart contact lenses ahead of our regulatory clearance," shared Jay Marsh, Innovega Vice President Engineering and lead inventor of the multistage molding case.  "It’s one thing to have exciting technology to enable personalized display eyewear, it is another to make sure the contact lens technology is affordable." The multistage molding patent application is directed for manufacturing a wide range of component-containing smart contact lenses.

Company Co-Founder Dr. Jerome Legerton added, "The era of component-containing smart contact lenses is just beginning.  These lenses must provide comfort, vision, health and convenience equivalent to today’s disposable soft contact lenses. The Innovega patented innovations in lens material and design are expected to be widely used in a broad range of smart contact lenses to deliver the healthy oxygen known to be required by the cornea."

Innovega has a robust list of 48 U.S. and international patent cases including 23 issued patents protecting its iOptik smart contact lens and eMacula® display system.

About Innovega
Innovega Inc. is developing stylish, lightweight, wearable displays that feature a high-resolution, panoramic-field-of-view system for medical, consumer and industrial application. The Company is licensing its technology into the $74 billion global vision care market with a first focus on image enhancement for the visually impaired. Its transformative patented platform, eMacula®, combines eyewear and iOptik® high-resolution smart contact lenses to deliver broad application in medicine, augmented reality and virtual reality. The Company has been supported by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), National Eye Institute of National Institutes of Health and National Science Foundation; and received investments from strategic partners.

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