Intelligent Contacts and Prodigal Partner to Bring AI-Powered Customer Interaction Analytics to Healthcare and Finance Teams

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. and PLANO, Texas, Oct. 4, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Intelligent Contacts, a leader in inbound / outbound omnichannel contact center solutions, has partnered with Prodigal, the pioneer of AI-powered consumer finance intelligence, to deliver solutions that help companies improve customer experience and increase revenue.

For more than ten years, Intelligent Contacts has specialized in offering cutting-edge cloud-based communication and payment solutions for healthcare and finance. Its data-driven Intelligent Contact Center platform allows businesses to monitor and analyze customer interactions, helping operations teams boost productivity and enhance key performance indicators.

Prodigal’s proprietary AI Intent Engine is trained on more than 300 million consumer finance conversations. That deep industry expertise means businesses can uncover up-to-date insights they can’t get from a third party, driving customer strategies that increase revenue and identifying opportunities to improve agent effectiveness and reduce loss.

Using Intelligent Contacts and Prodigal together, teams can streamline workflows across their accounts receivables and lending operations, from contact center setup and management through payment arrangements and QA and compliance workflows, all the way into concrete, actionable insights to accelerate growth.

These solutions deliver benefits to every member of the financial process: borrowers, agents, managers, and businesses as a whole.

“Our partnership with Prodigal has already delivered tangible benefits to our clients and marks a significant advancement for the entire industry,” said Jeff Mains, CEO of Intelligent Contacts. “This is one of those unique collaborations where both companies’ technologies are enhanced. Every consumer interaction processed through our platform refines the behavior and intent models, making them increasingly accurate.”

“We’re continually identifying emerging technology that can not only make us profitable and more competitive in the marketplace, but also improve the quality of the financial services we provide,” said Ryan Matrisch, Director of Business Development for Pro Com Services. “Intelligent Contacts’ contact center platform works hand-in-hand with Prodigal’s AI-powered solutions to help us continue to deliver the level of service our clients have come to expect.”

“Our AI enhances operations and increases revenue by turning unstructured interactions into quantified insights about consumers’ financial health. It is the perfect complement for Intelligent Contacts’ drive to provide a seamless experience to underpin workflows,” said Shantanu Gangal, CEO and Founder of Prodigal.

About Prodigal
Headquartered in Mountain View, California, Prodigal is the pioneer of AI-powered consumer finance intelligence. We use artificial intelligence to uncover opportunities from customer interactions in loan servicing, collections, auto finance, banking, healthcare RCM, and more.

Our solutions help teams improve revenue, reduce expenses, decrease risk, and gather insights to drive efficiency and effectiveness across their businesses. Nearly one in five U.S. borrowers has engaged with Prodigal over 300 million conversations, and we won’t rest until every player in the loan lifecycle experiences the relief of better communication, context, and clarity.

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About Intelligent Contacts

Intelligent Contacts offers omni channel communication and payment Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications for BPO, healthcare, financial services, government, and educational institutions. Its’ Intelligent cloud contact center software provides enterprise-level inbound and outbound call center functionality that includes skills-based call routing, payment IVRs, a TCPA-compliant auto dialer with predictive and power dialing modes, as well as call recording and voice analytics.

Intelligent Portal is an online payment portal that allows consumers to see and manage their bills or delinquent unpaid balances, select or create their own payment plan, or virtually negotiate a final payment to settle their account.

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