InvestDEFY Launches New Digital Asset Trading Automation (D.A.T.A.) Platform that Powers Novel DeFi and Metaverse + Web 3.0 NFT Indexes

TORONTO, Jan. 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — InvestDEFY, a sophisticated structured products company making crypto investing simple, today launched its two indexes: Equal Weighted Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and Equal Weighted Metaverse + Web 3.0 NFT. InvestDEFY also introduced its purpose-built and custom designed Digital Asset Trading Automation (D.A.T.A.) platform which powers the indexes. This platform provides InvestDEFY with the advantage of being able to move rapidly from index design concept to full product launch in a matter of weeks. 

The Equal Weighted DeFi Index replicates the top 10 smart contract-enabled blockchains powering DeFi and the top 10 DeFi projects built with blockchain technology. The Index was soft launched on July 9, 2021 to a select group of investors and boasted an 88.5% return to December 31, 2021, versus Ethereum with a 72.7% return over the same period.

The Equal Weighted Metaverse + Web 3.0 NFT Index replicates the top 10 Metaverse projects and the top 10 Web 3.0 & NFT platforms powering digital asset ownership.

Both indexes are fully investable and rely on an industry-first index methodology that delivers novel passive exposure. Investors gain equal weighted exposure to those companies that build the underlying technology and those companies that build the actual DeFi or Metaverse projects. Investors also benefit from having more diversified exposure with each index comprised of twenty tokens or names, in contrast to highly concentrated market cap indexes.

"After 25+ years in Capital Markets, with experience trading over $100B at risk, I saw the opportunity to leverage our team’s elite expertise in TradFi, Crypto, DeFi, quantitative trading, risk management, AI and regulatory finance to create sophisticated structured products and become the trusted partner for financial institutions, investment banks, and asset managers," said James Niosi, CEO and Co-Founder, InvestDEFY. "We’ve built a tech platform that is highly specialized, with a focus on taking very complex strategies and making them accessible."

"There is a ton of money on the sidelines waiting to successfully get into the market, but individual investors and institutions are overwhelmed with where to start," said Aaron Samsonoff, CSO and Co-Founder, InvestDEFY. "The complexities of allocation, execution, and custody of funds is daunting, and that’s where InvestDEFY comes in – to make exposure simple and effective. Our key differentiator is the ability to engineer unique, sophisticated structured products, powered by custom-designed tech that has been built over the last four years."

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About InvestDEFY
InvestDEFY is driving the evolution of crypto investing. A merger of TradFi, Crypto and DeFi, InvestDEFY has deep expertise in quantitative trading, digital assets, technology, AI, risk management, derivatives, global equities, regulatory compliance and investment banking. InvestDEFY engineers unique, sophisticated structured products powered by its proprietary technology platform featuring big data and AI.

Members of the InvestDEFY leadership team have designed, launched, and issued over $2.8B of structured products in the last three years while employing predictive-driven trading at an institutional scale in amounts greater than $32B in risk capital across FX derivatives in the last four years.

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