InvestDEFY Reports Strong Performance of SYGMA Program Amidst Turbulent Market

Weekly Market Neutral Yield Harvest Program Endures Bear Market With Greater Returns and Less Volatility Compared to Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH)

TORONTO, July 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/ —  InvestDEFY, a sophisticated structured products company making crypto investing simple, today announced the strong performance of the weekly market neutral yield harvest program, SYGMA, during the most recent crypto market downturn. From January 21, 2022 to July 1, 2022, SYGMA BTC generated an 8.52% return with an 8.63 volatility, and SYGMA ETH returned -4.01% with a volatility of 14.6. This is in stark contrast to a -50% return for BTC with a volatility of 72 and a -62% return for ETH with a volatility of 90 during the same period.

SYGMA expresses its view using custom derivative structures uniquely designed to generate yield in the form of premiums and provide positive returns within a set protection limit, even if the markets move lower over a given week. The combined returns are reinvested each week, compounding over the lifetime of the investment. 

"The past two months’ sell-off caught even the most conservative of market neutral funds off guard, evident in their May and June returns.Layer in supposed "no risk" yield farming strategies that turned a blind eye to counterparty risk and the carnage is even more vast and far-reaching," said James Niosi, CEO and co-founder of InvestDEFY. "We credit our team’s deep TradFi and crypto trading experience over the last 25 years through numerous global tail events, as well as our proprietary predictive models (D.A.T.A. and DORA), with successfully guiding SYGMA through the May and June spike in volatility and violent sell-off."

The SYGMA program’s collateral and assets are safely held with its custodian, eliminating the need to transfer to various counterparties, reducing exposure to undue risk, and further bolstering the safety and protection of assets. Program collateral and assets are not rehypothecated under any circumstance, reinforcing InvestDEFY’s thoughtful and experienced approach to counterparty and credit risk management.

InvestDEFY’s expert team of data scientists, quant traders, analysts, and developers continue to design and produce highly functional, purpose-built technologies that expand an already robust toolkit. This toolkit permits highly-tuned and customized structured product design where partners can define parameters and payoff profiles and customize features seamlessly with expedited time to market.

"The SYGMA program has been battle-tested and shown to endure a highly turbulent and unforgiving market downturn," continued Niosi.

For more information on the SYGMA program, please contact Northland Capital.

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Members of the InvestDEFY leadership team have designed, launched, and issued over $3.0B of structured products in the last three years, employing predictive-driven trading at an institutional scale in amounts greater than $32B in risk capital across FX derivatives in the last four years. 

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