IOhub™ IIoT Orchestrator Is Now Available on Siemens Simatic Devices

SAN DIEGO, June 21, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — IOhub by EZ VPN is quickly gaining popularity with system integrators and machine builders around the world because of its ease of use, flexibility, and affordability (

Driven by the high customer requests, EZ VPN made IOhub available on Siemens Simatic IPC127E devices.

IOhub is a modular orchestrator and communication runtime that allows the building of IIoT applications without the need to write code. IOhub makes building Industry 4.0 applications and putting in communication heterogeneous PLC’s, field sensors, and software less challenging and most of all, affordable.

Offering IOhub features and benefits on the Siemens Simatic IPC127E will speed up the adoption of IOhub as an IIoT orchestrator and communication solution.

The flexibility of IOhub

EZ VPN’s European team received a request from a major automation customer to supply a large number of installations with IOhub as a data management and integration solution. In compliance with the customer’s standards and requirements, IOhub had to be implemented on a Siemens-branded hardware device.

"We developed our technology to be hardware independent; this is why we could adapt our solutions to the hardware that best fits our customer’s needs and requirements. This important project allowed us to certify the flexibility of our solution by bringing the reliability of IOhub as IIoT operating system to other industrial devices such as Siemens Simatic IPC127E," Walter Trucci, (EZ VPN CIO and CTO) commented.

Riccardo Raffo, Business Development Director, which lead this project in Europe commented:

"The customer’s request allowed us to demonstrate that IOhub is not only flexible as an application, but it is also flexible from the hardware requirements point of view as well. We are excited now to be able to deliver our solutions on select Siemens hardware. This project is an important milestone for our company and marks a significant step forward for our technology. By enabling IOhub™ to run on a multitude of devices, we are getting closer to becoming a standard operating system in the IIoT and IoT world."

In line with its mission, EZ VPN strives to keep its technology open and simplify its adoption by making IOhub available on multiple devices and make EZ VPN application modules free to use. Customers are not forced to use proprietary language, frameworks, SDK, runtime, etc., but instead, leverage the flexibility of an open-source Docker container orchestrator, like IOhub.

With IOhub, the complexity of setting up environments, installing, deploying, configuring, maintaining, and monitoring system statuses are hidden on the back end while keeping the reliability and security of an open-source solution.

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