IQDAX Releases New NFT Collection Nifty Heroes: Mission Moon

SYDNEY, Dec. 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Trading platform IQDAX is preparing for its first ever NFT drop from July 2022. The “Nifty Heroes: Mission Moon” collection will offer thousands of interest-bearing NFTs as well as plenty of additional perks to holders, bringing together the NFT and investment worlds.

It took a long time from the initial idea to implementation. The high standard of quality in the IQDAX team motivated us to perfect every detail of the project over and over again. Mission Moon turned out to be an ambitious project, it grew, developed, was remastered several times, and finally access to the Nifty Heroes: Mission Moon whitelist is coming on 12/22/2022!

During the mission preparation season, Mission Moon participants changed their ships to more spacious ones, and so we expanded and stabilized the digital infrastructure for supporting the To The Moon project with separate servers, a beautiful website and social media, where you can find out latest news about Nifty Heroes and Mission Moon, you can expand your circle of friends by interests, learn a lot of useful things about the world of NFTs, cryptocurrencies and investing, and start earning with us!

In a challenging market which has seen floor prices of the most popular collections fall, the company set out to provide an NFT collection which offers real and tangible benefits to the holder. With so many NFTs solely providing digital artwork, this collection aims to take NFTs to the next level by not only offering uniquely designed digital assets but also the ability to invest the tokens and make real-world profits.

The Nifty Heroes Collection is made up of 20,000 tokens in total including 10,000 NFT bulls and 10,000 NFT bears. The concept was uniquely inspired by the traditional financial market bulls and bears, with bespoke artwork designed to reflect the bulls and bears fighting for the price of Ethereum cryptocurrency.

Ella Brown, Managing Director at IQDAX, said: “We’re delighted to launch the Nifty Heroes collection and provide fans of NFTs with real benefits as well as the digital art they love and adore. Our trading platform is easy to use so we are confident both novice and experienced NFT investors have the opportunity to achieve greater long-term returns from this collection.”

The “Nifty Heroes: Mission Moon” whitelist access will be available at 17:00 GMT on December 22, 2022. Find out more about this exciting new collection at, telegram:, Discord:

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Alex Braun