iRadius Aims to Reconnect the World Through New App

HONOLULU, Nov. 4, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — iRadius, LLC—the innovative Hawaii-based software development company enterprising the next phase of communications—today shared more about the company’s newest creation: the iRadius Friend Radar. Part-social feed and part-messenger, thousands of users 18 years of age and older have already discovered new ways to link with current friends and future ones through iRadius, the location-based connective app that lets them create new networks from those around them.

"COVID-19 made us all realize more than ever how crucial our social bonds are, and as people take more steps into a post-pandemic environment, iRadius is perfectly suited to help navigate that changing social reality. In the current overall social climate, it’s more important than ever to have a social support system that helps combat feelings of confusion and isolation," said iRadius co-founder Clyde Igarashi. "From right next door to miles away, from chatting online to in-person meetups, whatever scope of interaction is right for you, iRadius has you and your connections covered."

Delivering users a range of customizable options in terms of not only physical distance but also social circle, iRadius works by allowing users to use their Friend Radar as a safe, private space for keeping in touch with friends, family, and neighbors; to create topic-based ice-breakers to find new friends, partners, and business contacts; and to make public posts for the area. iRadius allows adult users to fine-tune who they want to include in their interactions based on miles or kilometers away, gender, and age choices to find people with similar interests. Users can see the profiles and posts of nearby people, add friends, chat, and comment on each other’s posts. iRadius also delivers crucial community interest and safety information in real-time, keeping you in touch with all you want and need to know around you.

iRadius separates itself in a crowded social media field by changing the dynamics of interaction. Rather than fostering an environment for influencers or promoting viral posts, iRadius instead helps create meaningful relationships. There are no paid subscriptions and no bots to game the system. Instead of curators or complicated algorithms boosting one profile or post, iRadius puts control back in the user’s hand, letting them sort their feed by time or distance.

As the public debate over big tech continues, the small island startup team behind iRadius has taken steps to forge a different path by comparison. A single tap allows users to adjust their privacy settings to three levels: Inner Circle, Friend, and Public. With iRadius, the user—not their data—remains the focal point. Providing a constructive app experience that keeps the user in control remains the focal point of iRadius.

The brainchild of two friends tired of bot-plagued social feeds that reward fake profiles and attention-seeking behavior, iRadius represents an effort to bring connecting back to basics, in a way reflective of 21st-century considerations. iRadius helps make mutually shared experiences and meaningful conversation easy and seamless at all levels of socializing. Experience how iRadius makes a difference in the social sphere by downloading it through the Apple App Store or Google Play.

About iRadius: iRadius Friend Radar brings the human element back to the social media experience through a location-based app. From building friendships, to finding common threads in local communities, to sharing important information with the public, iRadius lets users build their online—and real-world—social experiences around their needs. Learn more at

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