It Takes a Neighborhood Full of Dog Lovers to Raise Happy Fur Babies – ‘Cuddly Tails’ App Launches Dog-Sitting Services in Select Areas of New Jersey and New York City

NEW YORK, March 19, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Cuddly Tails ( announced the official launch of its dog-walking and dog-sitting services now available for areas of New York City and New Jersey. Cuddly Tails prescreens and approves a list of dog-sitters from local neighborhoods, offering their services via the Cuddly Tails app. App users can view neighborhood-sitters available in a specific area, read local reviews of dog-sitters, and choose a sitter perfect for their needs. Cuddly Tails charges a nominal fee to connect pet-parents with neighborhood-sitters, while sitters can earn cash for their work – with a part of all proceeds going to Dog Rescue charities and services. Cuddly Tails is currently offering a $15 coupon for booking the first walk or boarding, and the app is available via Google Play and the App Store.

Cuddly Tails: Connecting Dog Lovers

Cuddly Tails is built upon the idea of creating thriving pet-parent communities of mutual dog lovers – building a support network that allows pet-parents to reach out to each other when in need. Neighborhood pet-parents begin the Cuddly Tails registration process in the app by creating a profile: 

  • After registering, pet-parents can broaden their profile by listing the pet services they are looking for from other neighborhood-sitters, as well as adding pet service skills they can offer (e.g. whether they wish to be listed as a dog walker, sitter, boarder, or announce a play group, etc.).
  • Cuddly Tails connects other users with listed pet-parents through the app. All neighborhood-sitters are completely assessed and their backgrounds verified by Cuddly Tails. Pet-parents can then schedule a meet-and-greet to acquaint their dogs with new friends in their neighborhood.
  • During each pet service, neighborhood-sitters can use the Cuddly Tails app to send pictures and updates to pet-parents if desired, via the Live Track feature; and users can review and recommend their favorite neighborhood-sitters to help rate their services for future Cuddly Tails users.
  • Cuddly Tails offers 24/7 customer support to help resolve any questions or issues.

“We created Cuddly Tails to address an important need in our communities,” said Rashi Arora, Cuddly Tails CEO. “Not all pet services require an industry expert. Most people just need another loving pet-parent to help out from time-to-time – someone who understands how to take gentle care of a dog. Pet-parents can register through the app and meet other dog lovers in their neighborhood to exchange services – walking, grooming, dog-sitting, night-boarding, or schedule play groups. Our ultimate goal is to foster entire communities of pet-parents who come together to provide pet services for each other as needed.”

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Rashi Arora, CEO

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