Jet BI Digitally Cloned all its Employees Using AI

DUBLIN, May 20, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — The team of 60 employees at the consulting company Jet BI has been digitally replicated through the innovative technology provided by AI startup Eternity.AC.

In the wake of controversy involving the unauthorized use of Hollywood actors’ digital likenesses, AI-twins developed by Eternity.AC offer a contrasting approach, ensuring individuals retain complete control over their virtual counterparts. Unlike the scenarios that sparked backlash, those who create AI-twins with grant explicit permission for their virtual “employment”, maintaining authority to deactivate them. These digital doubles aid their real-life counterparts in both professional and personal capacities, emphasizing the owner’s continuous oversight and command.

In the instance of Jet BI, the company has showcased public versions of AI-twins of team leaders and experts on its website. These digital avatars serve as AI assistants, mirroring the personalities of their real counterparts. They are equipped to field inquiries about the company’s services and products, dispense expert advice while collecting the conversation details in the corporate CRM database for further elaboration by the team.

Jet BI co-founder, Andrey Bosak, said: The implementation of AI-twins opens up exciting opportunities for the whole new level of personalization and interactive user experience for business needs like sales, service, hr. With these digital clones, we can offer enhanced support and consultancy services to our clients, bringing unique personality branding and communication capabilities to serve our customers more efficiently.

Digital cloning with Eternity.AC is a self-service process. It involves collecting users’ data to distill key traits, personality nuances, typical dialogue tendencies, and professional knowledge. The system captures the user’s unique voice and appearance, combining these into a lifelike 3D avatar that talks and behaves like a real person.

About Jet BI
Jet BI is a company that provides CRM and BI solutions, product development and systems integration. Jet BI, with 10 years on the market and headquartered in Dublin, along with development centers in Poland and Georgia, is dedicated to exploring new technologies and best practices.

About Eternity.AC
Eternity.AC is an AI-powered, self-service solution for creating AI-twins of real people. A digital clone serves as an interactive representation of the user, designed to carry forward the user’s likeness, thoughts, and personality. It can be used in a privacy-conscious setting or in a public setting by content creators or professionals looking to extend their digital presence.

Chat with one of the AI clone employees on Jet BI website and create your own digital clone.

Diana Kolodnik