Joan Sets Gold Standard for Workplace Safety and Administration – Global Leader in Proprietary E-Paper Room Management Devices Pivots to Accommodate Customer Needs for the New Normal

MILPITAS, Calif., April 26, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Joan by Visionect ( announced a complete rebranding and business upgrade to accommodate a quickly evolving workplace revolution initiated by the global Covid-19 pandemic. Joan e-paper devices are designed to save employees time and money, while being the most efficient way to transition completely to nontraditional workspaces. The full suite of wireless Joan electronics are easy to operate and manage, require zero installation costs, and use 99% less power than other conventional LCD solutions. Joan will be introducing and rolling out a series of new products and software solutions in the coming weeks as part of the expansion. View the new Joan rebranding video on YouTube.

“We’ve always been dedicated to constantly improving workplaces,” explained Matej Zalar, Co-Founder of Visionect. “That’s why we decided for a progressive and bold, multi-dimensional approach in our new identity. The workplace of the future is heading in a completely new direction and we at Joan are excited to become its backbone, taking on the challenge of providing extraordinary employee experiences while increasing the general workplace efficiency with our centrally managed workplace management system. And this approach simply calls for new and innovative brand colors and identity.”

Joan: Redefined for a Versatile, Hybrid-Workplace Paradigm

The new workplace reality also finds space at a premium, with employees often vying for available desks and meeting rooms due to social distancing protocols, while businesses downsize due to cost optimization:

“During the pandemic, the entire world has had to adapt to a wide variety of versatile and adaptable working modes,” said Rok Zalar, CEO and Co-Founder of Visionect. “Work takes place across one or more venues: the home, office, conference rooms, huddle spaces, quiet booths – and has become fluid and mobile. But none of these spaces can be considered a secondary location, as each becomes part of a nontraditional but fully functioning workflow. And while this has given employees a great deal of flexibility, it has also added a complexity and multidimensionality to our workday that we’ve never experienced before. Frictionless management has become an urgent need – and that’s where Joan comes in. It is the perfect agile solution for this new workplace reality.”

Joan has now become an adaptable social-distancing answer for a flexible workspace – booking, managing, and organizing work no matter where it happens. The new Joan rebranding leverages this experience in a whole new series of apps and proprietary ultra-low-power e-paper displays specially engineered for a global virtual workforce.

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Joan is a centralized workplace management system, build around an ultra-low-power, sustainable e-paper display platform, and five easy-to-use solutions, with the purpose of making every workspace a better, more efficient and safer place to work. Joan proprietary e-paper displays are used by many leading companies across the globe such as Microsoft, NASA, Samsung and Amazon. Learn more at:

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