Josh Snow, Founder and CEO of MultiMillion-Dollar Celeb-Favorite Oral Care Brand Snow, Joins Premiere Season of “Going Public”

LOS ANGELES, April 6, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Crush Capital, the technology and entertainment firm behind revolutionary new entrepreneurship series “Going Public,” today announced that Josh Snow, founder of global teeth whitening brand Snow, has signed on to its premiere season. He is a digital marketing prodigy who founded his first e-commerce company at age 13 and has now bootstrapped his way to more than $100 million in sales, garnering endorsements from high-profile celebrity clients and over two million followers on social media.

“Going Public” is a new kind of reality show that rides the wave of surging interest in retail investing. The show is the first ever to enable viewers to invest in the companies on-screen as it follows a cast of diverse entrepreneurs facing down the challenges of trying to raise capital and potentially listing on Nasdaq.

“From the recent retail investor renaissance that shook Wall Street to multimillion-dollar crowdfunding rounds that are stealing a march on venture capitalists, there’s a huge groundswell of interest in democratizing investing and supporting diverse founders who lean in,” said Todd Goldberg, co-creator of “Going Public.” “Josh is the ultimate example of a self-made entrepreneur who got to where he is today through hustle. He was building brands from a computer in his local library before he was even old enough to get a bank loan. He has an unrivaled instinct for e-commerce and his can-do attitude will inspire the companies on ‘Going Public’ and resonate with the audience.”

On “Going Public,” Snow will help the show’s entrepreneurs take their own brands to a global audience. He will join several other prominent business leaders already signed on as mentors, including Schmidt’s Naturals founder Jaime Schmidt and Priceline entrepreneur Jeff Hoffman.

“I know how hard it can be to find mentors,” says Snow, who also co-founded Powerhouse, an accelerator for other e-commerce entrepreneurs. “I come from a blue-collar neighborhood in Phoenix where starting a business isn’t something many people do, so I had to learn through YouTube videos. The five founders on ‘Going Public’ have also had to fight hard for everything they’ve built, so I’m excited to be part of a series that’s showing that successful entrepreneurs can come from any background.” 

Hosted by Lauren Simmons, the youngest-ever female trader on Wall Street, “Going Public” will begin shooting in Miami this month and will stream to’s audience of 14 million monthly visitors this summer. It will be produced by Emmy-nominated production studio INE Entertainment, founded by Eric Day and Mark Koops, whose credits include “MasterChef” and “The Biggest Loser.” ROTH Capital Partners, an investment banking firm, will conduct due diligence, price and underwrite select deals featured on “Going Public.”

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