King & Corbin Associates Unveils First Public ESG Real Estate Opportunity for Accredited Investors – Complete with New Investor Portal to track Resort-Like Bitcoin Backed Rentals

SAN DIEGO, Dec. 17, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — King & Corbin Associates, L.P. (King & Corbin) recently announced the launch of a public Reg D 506(c) investment funding opportunity for accredited investors. Established in January of 2021, the King & Corbin investment plan acquires high-quality discounted properties through auctions, rehabilitates, reclaims equity, and then rents the properties to generate steady profits based on forecastable growth models each quarter. The overall financial model relies on a solid business plan – one already proven to reap returns – and is overseen by veteran realtors with decades of experience in the real estate industry. King & Corbin is offering an income growth opportunity to Accredited Investors interested in these asset class focus areas, ESG, Tech, and Real Estate.

The Co-Founder and General Partner of King & Corbin, Barley Corbin, recently explained how his company perfected their real estate investment model:

"Companies like Zillow forget that people are the most important part of real estate, not pure profit or statistics. And unfortunately, many of these companies are notorious for the inaccurate information they provide. What investors really need to know is that, as agents, we take a fiduciary oath to protect your investment. Online mega companies do not. So when you’re looking for the right investment opportunities, there are few areas that offer a safe and high return. We are seasoned real estate professionals who have perfected real estate acquisition strategies. And we are now seeking accredited investors offering a minimum of 2,000 and a maximum of 20,000 Limited Partnership Units at a price of $1,000 per Unit."

"King & Corbin is a leader and expert in BRRRR  – Buy, Rehab, Rent, Refi, and Repeat – in addition to a technical landscape that intends to keep real estate agents involved in the home buying and renting process nationwide," Corbin continued. "Real estate will always trump in this arena, mainly because of the asset-backed lower risks and high-profit potential – the steady growth of property has outpaced the stock market for over 229 years. Not to mention the huge mistake made by Zillow robots that purchased properties at ridiculously high prices and put a strain on the housing market. The good news is that there is still a lot of opportunity in real estate, if you understand how to maximize your investment strategy."

"We offer an easy solution to allow accredited investors to increase cash flow profits with gorgeous properties they can be proud of, all while having full access to portfolio and financials according to Reg D 506(c) rules. Frankly, this is the perfect atmosphere for investors to take advantage of our cutting edge and effective approach to purchasing and managing properties."

Co-Founder and General Partner of King & Corbin, Kimm King, commented on the company’s future directions and the goal for the types of properties to be purchased:

"We want our properties to stand out in the neighborhood by improving them after they are purchased. It helps elevate the communities we are in and we want to bring excitement to our tenants. We really offer the experience investors need to get involved in – as this project intends to build resort-like residences. It’s our goal to fix and hold property that makes our tenants feel like they are always on vacation, while still at home!"

"Our renters are our clients, and we will have a full concierge for our single-family tenants," King continued. "We want to give our renters a unique experience by allowing them to pick the upgrades that we do on the property they will rent. For instance: flooring, appliances, paint color, interior, exterior upgrades, and so forth. We offer our renters the Home Buying experience. And all of our rental properties will be equipped with energy efficient solar systems to make sure our tenants don’t have to pay for energy consumption."

"We’ll also be offering a powerful mobile app that has a variety of features, including giving tenants 24/7 access to our staff, as well as offering crypto and bitcoin as a way to pay their rent if they want in a home that’s completely powered and backed by bitcoin. We are the future of property acquisitions and rental homes, multi-family, and commercial property."

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SOURCE King & Corbin Associates, L.P.