Kollegio Kicks Off Early Access to AI College Counseling Platform, Seeking to Broaden Access to Higher Education

Data-driven Edtech platform powered by Generative AI receives $750k in pre-seed funding to revolutionize college planning and admissions for students across the U.S. and the world

PALO ALTO, Calif., June 4, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Kollegio, the AI-driven platform for college applications, has opened early access to over 4,000 waitlisted students who are seeking an easier and more effective path to apply to higher education. This marks Kollegio as the first-ever college counseling platform to accelerate the application process with assistance from AI, making applying to college more accessible for students everywhere. Kollegio is kicking off the first cohort of student users with $750k in pre-seed funding led by Tuesday Capital, Reach Capital, and Indus Valley Capital. Kollegio’s angels include individuals such as the CTO of Liveramp, the former CEO of Byte, and the CEO of Party Gaming.

According to data from the American School Counselor Association, the national student-to-school-counselor ratio was 385:1 in 2022–2023. Additionally, the average cost to hire a private college counselor in the U.S. ranges anywhere from $5,000-$100,000+. Kollegio offers the same selection of services to students at an extreme fraction of the price of a private counselor; from free of charge to a maximum of a $10 AI cover charge for power users of the platform, less than 1% of the human cost.

Planning and applying for college is a lengthy and disjointed process; from differing submission dates to varying admission essay prompts. Kollegio keeps track of all the details and creates internal goals to guide students through deadlines. AI-powered conversations help students brainstorm essay topics based on each university’s specific prompts and provides them personalized feedback as they progress. This tailored support is available 24/7 to match each student’s work style and maximize their chances of admission. Most of all however, Kollegio is focused on creating ethical solutions that empower students, rather than just doing the work for them.

“Kollegio was designed to ethically democratize the college admission process. Those who can pay thousands of dollars for personalized college counseling for their students are a minority in the big picture,” says Kollegio CEO and Co-founder, Senan Khawaja. “Kollegio is leveling the playing field for every student with university aspirations by providing tailored assistance for a tiny fraction of the cost of private counselors. Colleges will have access to a greater selection pool of qualified and driven students”

“Many counselors, particularly those serving public high schools, are overwhelmed; from the number of students they are helping to the vast amount of information they need to pull for any possible university they want to apply to,” says Saeed Naeem, Kollegio CTO and Co-founder. “With our data-driven AI, Kollegio can act as a counselor’s sidekick, helping create tailored applicant profiles then matching students to their best university options. All of a sudden a service that previously cost thousands or tens of thousands is available at the fingertips of every student in the world.”

To learn more about Kollegio, please visit www.kollegio.ai

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Kollegio leverages AI and data-driven solutions to make college counseling accessible and affordable to all students, so they may pursue their academic dreams. Led by a team of AI experts and college advisors, they have created a comprehensive platform that guides students through every step of the university application journey. Kollegio helps match students to the best schools based on personalized data and provides feedback on admission essays to help craft standout applications. Kollegio was designed to benefit not just students but also schools and colleges. Get started today by visiting: https://www.kollegio.ai/

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