Lache: An SDK to Transfer Files Three Times Faster

BILBAO, Spain, Sept. 9, 2020 /PRNewswire/ —┬áLache has a server-side component that can be installed on a Linux computer, and a client-side component for Windows. Lache includes an SDK that provides all the browsing and copying features required for any Windows application to easily access files on a Linux computer, as well as a demo application (LcExplorer) with full source code.

Lache is over 3 times faster than Windows Explorer in copying large numbers of files, and provides almost instant browsing for folders with millions of files.

This video will show you how Lache works, and the benefits it provides:

Who is Lache for?
Lortu has designed Lache to be integrated into third-party products.

Lache is suitable for any company with products or services that need to manage large numbers of files as fast as possible. It will also greatly benefit companies with Windows applications who want to provide their users with the ability to manage files and folders on Linux computers. The Lache SDK provides a simple way of accessing Linux computer file systems from within Windows applications.

The SDK includes sample code in C/C++ and C#, but it can be used by applications developed in other languages.

Lache is licensed with a simple price model. There is no price scale, and no limit on the number of licenses, products or services that include Lache. Please contact us for more details about licensing conditions and prices.

About Lortu
Lortu is pioneer in the development of new technologies for data storage.

Lortu created one of the first data deduplication technologies almost 20 years ago, and today Lortu is unveiling Lache: a revolutionary technology that delivers great improvements in copying and browsing large numbers of Linux files from Windows.

Lortu is headquartered in Bilbao, Spain. For more information, please visit

Carlos Ardanza

SOURCE Lortu Software, S.L.

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