LitiHolo Introduces World’s First Desktop 3D Hologram Printer

NEWPORT NEWS, Va., March 3, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The ability for anyone to print true three-dimensional holograms at home or in an office is one step closer to reality. LitiHolo – a global leader in hologram technology and production – today unveiled its Desktop 3D Hologram Printer – the world’s first of its kind.

LitiHolo’s Desktop 3D Hologram Printer produces true holograms that can be seen without headsets or glasses, offering a unique 3D viewing that can easily be shared and viewed with others. This means users can print everything from hologram portraits to 3D computer graphics scenes that can be viewed as true three-dimensional holograms.

The Desktop 3D Hologram Printer takes multiple perspective images, captured from a camera, video footage, or rendered from a typical 3D graphics design, and slices them into unique recordings for each individual pixel on the hologram, called a “hogel” or “hologram element.” The printer then optically encodes that hogel information with laser light onto the special hologram film. When complete, the hologram recreates the many different perspectives as if the 3D image is truly there, giving the ability to look around the image to see different angles, even above and below.

LitiHolo is leveraging Kickstarter to help bring its Desktop 3D Hologram Printer to the masses. The Kickstarter campaign, running through April 2, will help LitiHolo acquire parts at scale and go into production on the first run of Desktop 3D Hologram Printers, which will retail for $1,600 MSRP.

Those interested in supporting LitiHolo and acquiring a Desktop 3D Hologram Printer have various levels of support and pricepoints available via Kickstarter. Each reward level includes LitiHolo self-developing film plates (20-pack of 2″x3″, and 6-pack of 4″x5″) and optional add-ons such as a hologram display and additional film.

LitiHolo Desktop 3D Hologram Printer Kickstarter Reward Levels

  • Early Backer – $800 (50% off MSRP) – Estimated Delivery: September 2021
  • Batch 1 – $899 (44% off MSRP) – Estimated Delivery: October 2021
  • Batch 2 – $999 (38% off MSRP) – Estimated Delivery: November 2021
  • Main Production – $1,099 (31% off MSRP) – Estimated Delivery: December 2021

“Holography has evolved a great deal in the 60 years since its introduction and we view our Desktop 3D Hologram Printer as an important next step in bringing this technology to the masses,” said Paul Christie, LitiHolo CEO and MIT Media Lab alumni. “For the first time, the power to create true holograms will be accessible to anyone with one of our printers, which opens up a whole new world of hologram possibilities.”

Beyond recreational use, LitiHolo believes its Desktop 3D Hologram Printer can be a catalyst for holography to impact industries such as architecture, engineering and entertainment.

Development of the Desktop 3D Hologram Printer is a major milestone in LitiHolo’s quest to make true hologram technology more accessible. Previously, LitiHolo produced hologram kits sold nationwide in Barnes & Noble stores as well as a full-color version sold online and at retailers worldwide. LitiHolo also manufactures an array of holography film that allows for hologram production without the use of chemicals.

Photos of the LitiHolo Desktop 3D Hologram Printer and other assets are available here.

About LitiHolo

LitiHolo, a division of Liti Holographics, is a hologram technology company that brings holograms out of the research lab and into your hands.  By making hologram technology more affordable and accessible, LitiHolo strives to do for holograms what Makerbot did for the 3D printing revolution. LitiHolo was founded by Paul Christie, an MIT Media Lab alum, and produces a unique self-developing hologram film that has been used everywhere from the Verizon Innovative Learning Labs, teaching hundreds of middle-schoolers to make holograms, to Oculus and Nvidia research labs creating the next generation of AR/VR. With its latest 3D Hologram Printer, LitiHolo hopes to help create the next generation of hologram engineers, hologram artists, and hologram entrepreneurs. More information is available at

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